LIVE - French National Team: Deschamps announces that Kimpembe will be the captain against Croatia

LIVE – French National Team: Deschamps announces that Kimpembe will be the captain against Croatia

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This is the end of this press conference.

The Blues now have an appointment for a training session at 6 pm

Deschamps in the Croatian national team

“I watched Croatia’s game against Austria. There was more freshness and dynamism among the Austrians. This Croatian team, we are used to playing it, there are many qualities, very high-level players. They will have the same goal as us.” After a loss, they want to start off on the right foot.”

Deschamps on the League of Nations

“It’s a great competition. We had the pleasure of winning the last edition. It’s always better than friendly matches. After that, the period isn’t ideal because we’re at the end of the season. It’s tired and worn out, it’s not ideal.” but they are the calendars. You have to manage the organism and the psychological aspect. That not all the players are at 100% is obvious. We will only have one rally in September before the World Championship. We are adapting. It’s the same for all teams.”

“We have to do better defensively,” admits Deschamps

“Ideally, we don’t want to leave anything to the opponent. But the opponent also has qualities. Whether we are three or four behind, the problem remains the same. Maybe sometimes we are a little less solid, but these are not the same situations. We have to do better. We are working on it. We have to make sure that we reduce this margin of error as much as possible so as not to offer chances to the opponent.”

Deschamps on Ben Yedder’s contribution

“One of the goals in this series of matches is to give playing time to as many players as possible. Wissam will play with the qualities that we know he has. At the end, where he has fast sequences.”

Deschamps on Benzema’s legal concerns

“No, I haven’t talked about it with him and I’m not going to talk about it today. You can ask me the question again later. We have a game to prepare for.”

“We will try to recover”, announces Deschamps

“Since Friday night we know that it is a setback. Now, accident or not? We did good things against Denmark, which is a very good team. We will try to recover, it will not be against Croatia. But the goal is to start well. Pressure or No, the goal remains the same. We want to reverse the trend.”

Deschamps on Mbappé’s injury

“He has a small problem due to a concussion, which is not irremediable, otherwise he would not have come to Croatia with us. We’ll see tomorrow but there are two more games late. He will not train today. Today, but I will wait until tomorrow to make a balance with the medical staff”.

“Karim (Benzema), Kingsley (Coman), N’Golo (Kanté) and Jules (Koundé) are also affected.”

Deschamps on Maignan’s mandate in Croatia

“Maignan has very good footwork. But his step was already planned for the start of the week. Hugo (Lloris) has been called up all season by his club, Mike too. This is an opportunity to share playing time” . There is no more analysis. There are two very good goalkeepers, but Hugo is still the captain and the starter. Mike will get a chance to get playing time.”

Deschamps on Griezmann’s problems

“It is not by snapping our fingers that we can put everything back in its place. He may have a less good period, even if in the France team, he has often been very good. There is no worry. The end of the season is complicated “. for many players.

Kimpembe will be captain in Croatia

Didier Deschamps confirmed it a moment ago.

Deschamps on Blues defensive concerns

“When we concede goals, there are always things we have to do better, especially in the line-up and managing depth. We did not do it well, we have to work on it”. In a defense of three, all three must line up. These are situations that can be repeated. It is something basic. If the ball carrier is not on target, the hazard, c is the depth.”

Deschamps settles before the media

The coach of the France national team is ready to answer questions from journalists.

“We know what we have to correct,” says Kimpembe

“We are a great soccer country, with great players. We know what we have to correct. It is the small details that make the difference, we are aware of that. We will have to work well tactically”.

Kimpembe on Benzema’s form

“I don’t need to talk about it. Everybody’s known him for a while. Everybody knows the place he’s in and the leadership he brings to this team. He’s a great player and a great scorer.” he still manages to prove it over the years.”

Kimpembe on his future at PSG

“Everyone knows the love I have for PSG. It’s mutual. I’ll be 27 in August, it’s a key moment in my career. For the club project. We’ll have to discuss it pretty quickly.”

Kimpembe appears before the media

Kimpembe on his placement: “We always respect the coach’s choices. I can play on the midfield or on the left. I stand where the coach asks me. We’ll see. With three behind, we have a chance to go out with the ball carrier. You have to slide faster but that’s not a problem. We’re used to playing like that, at club or national level.”

The Deschamps conference will begin soon

On the eve of going to challenge Croatia in the Nations League, Didier Deschamps will speak to the press. Intervention from him will start at any moment…

Mike Maignan will start in Croatia

Now No. 2 with the Blues, AC Milan goalkeeper Mike Maignan will start in Croatia on Monday, replacing regular No. 1 Hugo Lloris. Maignan, excellent this season in Serie A, should live like this the 3rd selection of him at 26 years old.


Konaté joined the Blues

Since Friday night, we have also heard about Raphaël Varane’s (left thigh) package for the rest of the rally. The Manchester United defender has been replaced by Ibrahima Konaté (Liverpool), called up for the first time in the France A team.

Benzema at the center of the debates?

If Karim Benzema scored a superb goal on Friday against Denmark, it is especially in the justice section that his name has circulated ever since. Precisely, the Real Madrid striker’s lawyer has confirmed that the latter has waived his right to appeal his sentence (one year in prison and a 75,000-euro fine) in the case of Mathieu Valbuena’s sextape.

Which means two things: the soap opera is finally over after seven years of back and forth, and Benzema is guilty in the eyes of justice. What is a problem for Deschamps? The coach will surely be questioned about this.

Two revenge teams

If France started their Nations League campaign poorly by losing to Denmark (2-1) on Friday, Croatia did no better, as Modric’s compatriots were swept by Austria at home (3-0). Suffice it to say that both teams will want to react on Monday.

The classification of group 1 of the League of Nations A:

1. Austria, 3pts (+3)

2. Denmark, 3 pts (+1)

3. France, 0 points (-1)

4. Croatia, 0 pts (-3)

Didier Deschamps back with the blues

The French coach, who lost his father a few days ago, had given way to his substitute Guy Stéphan on Friday night at the Stade de France during the match against Denmark. But “DD” found his troops this weekend and will be on the tricolor bench on Monday night in Split.

Good morning to all

Welcome to this direct dedicated to the Blues. On the eve of Croatia-France, on Monday afternoon (8:45 p.m.) on behalf of the second day of the League of Nations, coach Didier Deschamps and captain Hugo Lloris will speak to the press this Sunday. A conference to follow from 5 pm

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