Isabelle Yacoubou's emotion: "I selfishly take this title for myself, because of the tests I have passed, because of the suffering"

Isabelle Yacoubou’s emotion: “I selfishly take this title for myself, because of the tests I have passed, because of the suffering”

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Isabelle Yacoubou: “The girls will forgive me but I take this title selfishly for myself (laughs). For all the hardships that I have had to go through for three years, for the suffering, for the resignation, for not being this year with my two children to be able to act. I thank them because it was not easy for them to accept that their mother was not there every day. This title comes to thank you for your work, your effort and it will selfishly be the reward for my family and me. My loved ones are my base, my refuge, it is with them that I meet when things go wrong. All titles have a different flavor. Personally, I still want to win. Otherwise you have to stop after the first trophy (laughs). I also still want to act. Age is in your head, you just have to give it your all on the pitch. This is the end of my adventure in Bourges. I hope the club and its supporters remember that a certain Isabelle Yacoubou has been there, that’s the most important thing. »

Laëtitia Guapo: “I’m happy for the Bourges club, happy for us. I think we deserve this title given everything we’ve done this season. Tonight (Saturday) was tough. The conditions were difficult, it was very hot. The ball slipped because our hands were sweating a lot. I knew it was going to be a very difficult game but I also knew we were going to do it, I was sure. We went looking for him with our guts, with our hearts and that’s really what we have to remember. I am very proud of what we have achieved this season, what the girls have given me, what the coaches have given me. I am happy to progress. Now, we have to change quickly because I’m leaving this week in the France 3×3 team. That’s why it’s also good to have won in only three games. He gives me three or four days off, it’s always a pleasure. »


Élodie Godin: “Four years were beginning to be long. There was the Covid, a defeat in the semifinals, an Achilles tendon injury. It was too long for my taste (laughs). I am very happy to bring the Cup home. It’s already two seasons that we have more or less the same group, we didn’t change much last summer. It’s been two years that we worked very hard to get there. We didn’t want to repeat the pattern from last season where we finished first only to fail in the semi-finals. I think we grew, like some players in the space of a single year. In this case, I am thinking of Laëtitia Guapo. Well, that feels really good (smiles). All the better that we won the final in three matches, the organizations were starting to tire as it was our 52nd match of the season. At my young age, he started shooting (smiles). I had never reached three finals in one season, so it will stay in my memory. I really liked this group there and the girls will sadly leave us so I’m very happy to win the title with this particular group. »

yacoubou1654461056.jpegA nice family photo, to which we should add Alix Duchet, injured in the final of the European Championship

Agnès Saint-Ges (president): “It has been a very, very good season. I am delighted and very proud of my team, of my squad. We finished with two trophies, the results can only be encouraging. Even our defeat in the Coupe de France final was at the end of a very good game, in which she participated, highlighting women’s basketball. Tonight, the girls went out to find energy and everything necessary, while it was not earned in advance. We knew that Lyon was going to play with pride. We can only congratulate ourselves on this title. I am very proud to bring him home, the fifteenth, and to continue the course of this club that is very dear to me and in which I was committed to my predecessor. The culture of winning is always present at Tango Bourges Basket! »

Olivier Lafargue (coach): “My first feeling? (thinks) Pride for the work done. We have a game that is complex but despite everything, we don’t hesitate, we don’t reject situations. Keisha Hampton has been suffering from a sprained shoulder for three weeks and she was our X factor: she is the one who revives us when we have a bad series. To have people like that who go beyond pain like Keisha, Élodie (Godin), Sarah (Michel), it’s extraordinary. We played 52 games this year, we were in a lot of pain, so to be able to get through the pain is a point of pride in relation to this group and what they were able to do. Is it a vintage season? I think so. We go to the end in all competitions, we play as many games as possible in the league, in the French Cup and in the European Cup. If we are not happy after a season like this, it will be hard to find happiness anywhere. It really was a great season! »

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