LIVE - Croatia-France: Croats collect from penalty

LIVE – Croatia-France: Croats collect from penalty

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It’s over !

1-1 between Croatia and France. Adrien Rabiot had opened the scoring early in the second half, but Croatia scored again late in the match thanks to a Kramaric penalty. The Blues may harbor some regrets because they had the game on their hands.


Left at the back of the defence, the Croat crosses his shot a bit too much. He is not framed.

Griezmann looks for Nkunku

He is intercepted by the Croatian defense.

Vlasic takes a corner in front of Digne

This end of match is very intense. There will be 4 minutes of additional time.

Clauss for Rabiot!

Lensois’s cross was good, but Rabiot’s shot was blocked by the Croatian defense. There are two minutes left in regulation time.


Livakovic saves Croatia by going well over Griezmann, who had recovered the ball after a bad Croatian pass. The Frenchman had to get out of the way and couldn’t frame his shot after…


The Croatian striker is on fire! His shot from the left is perfectly placed but Maignan relaxes well and goes to look for the ball on the ground to deflect it for a corner. 2-1 was very close for Croatia!

Card for Kimpembe

In a poorly controlled tackle, Kimpembe knocks down Vlasic and receives a yellow card. The last 10 minutes promise to be boiling.


THE CROATIAN STRIKER DOESN’T THRIVE! On the contrary, Maignan may be an exercise specialist, he couldn’t do anything. 1-1, Croatia recovers.


Finally there is no offside, so it is a penalty for the Croats. Clauss fouls Kramaric before he touches his first ball.

The VAR takes its time to check…

In the first, the offside is not noticeable at all. There could still be a penalty, therefore.


IT WAS A PENALTY FOR CROATIA! After a save by Maignan against Vlasic in the middle of the area, Kramaric is touched by Clauss, who has just entered the match, the referee calls a penalty and changes his mind as his assistant indicates offside.

Clauss replaces Diaby

The Lensois will take the right lane.

Two new changes for Croatia

Luka Modric and Mateo Kovacic, applauded, give way. Vlasic and Sucic come into play.


THE 2-0 WAS CLOSE! In a high recovery from Nkunku, Griezmann is served, advances and shoots from the right, but runs into Livakovic. His shot wasn’t accurate enough. Still 1-0 for the Blues.

Magnificent intervention by Rabiot

The Turinese recovers and allows the Blues to advance. Diaby carries the ball and hits from the right, countered.

Maignan intervenes in front of Modric!

Facing the surface, Modric opens a window of attack thanks to a superb feint shot with the right. He continues down the left but finishes off a vigilant Maignan who hits the ball as he dives.

Kramaric replaces Budimir

The Hoffenheim striker, a little more mobile than his teammate, perhaps makes better use of the creators around him.

Konaté, Benzema and Coman warm up

Konaté could make her first blue appearance tonight, like Kamara a few minutes ago.

Croatian double change

Brekalo and Majer leave their places to Orsic and Pasalic for the last half hour of play.

Kamara comes into play with the number 13

Good wink from Marseillais, who replaces Tchouaméni in midfield. Griezmann takes Ben Yedder’s place in attack.

Griezmann and Kamara ready to enter

Kamara will celebrate his first selection with the France team.

Kimpembe relieves the defense

Against Budimir, the French captain launches a cross from the left this afternoon that could be dangerous.

Rabiot’s 2nd goal in Blue

The midfielder had already scored last November in the 8-0 inflicted by the French team in Kazakhstan.


BEN YEDDER FIND RABIOT PERFECTLY! Launched deep by a pass from the left of the Monegasque, the Juventus midfielder advances and finishes with his left foot against the Croatian goalkeeper. 1-0 for the French team.

Griezmann participates in the heating

The Blues’ number 7 is doing well against Croatia, he may come into play in a few minutes.

Saliba taken by Budimir

The Croatian beat the French defender, author of a foul. Majer and Brekalo continue the action, but it is called offside.

Majer for Budimir!

The Croatian striker’s header narrowly missed Maignan’s goal, he had taken the best of the French defence.

Nkunku in good position

The former Parisian approaches the area but his dribbling fails and he cannot kick.

Here we go again

Croatia starts the second half.

Deschamps at the microphone of M6

“Obviously there are no automatics because the players haven’t played much together, but I quite like that.”

Saliba and Kimpembe, guilty and rescuers

The two midfielders in the afternoon were in their favor with decisive interventions. But most of the time, they were also at fault at the beginning of the action and only made up for their mistakes. They will have to correct that in the second half.

Ben Yedder very discreet in this first half

Opportunities for Les Bleus came from Diaby and Nkunku, both former Parisians. The center forward of the afternoon was very little found and unable to get into an attacking position at the moment.

It’s the break in Split

Half time on the scoreboard 0-0. The French team conceded some serious chances but could also have opened the scoring. The French defenders and the Croatian goalkeeper have ensured that the nets are not shaking at the moment.

Nkunku is still in the duel

This time it is with Juranovic and it is the Frenchman who is sanctioned with a foul.

The Blues finish this first period well

Series of corners for the France team.


Livakovic relaxes well on the Monegasque’s long shot. That’s two serious chances in seconds for the Blues, but still 0-0.


Again, it is combined between Nkunku and Diaby. The Leverkusen striker is facing the goal but his cross shot is repelled by the Croatian goalkeeper. 1-0 was not far away!

the pace has slowed

Since Nkunku’s goal was denied, the two teams have mostly stayed in midfield. Few initiatives taken by both sides.

The best French actions are tackled

It is a bit the problem of this first half hour. Saliba, Kimpembe, Tchouaméni showed great defensive actions, but we expect the same from the other side of the field.

VAR confirms offside

The VAR check took a few seconds, but Christopher Nkunku’s goal is completely disallowed.


Diaby finds Nkunku well behind the Croatian defence. The Leipzig striker bites the ball well and fools the goalkeeper, but he is flagged for offside. The action was part of a very good recovery for Tchouaméni.

The blues pushed

The France team has the ball but hasn’t created many chances. Situations are more on the Croatian side, even if Saliba and Kimpembe have saved the day each time.

Saliba because of guilt catches up

The Marseilles lost the ball near the surface to Kovacic, but came back well afterwards and his risky sliding tackle allowed him to recover properly.

Nkunku for Tchouaméni!

Forgotten at the second post, the Monegasque is very close to recovering the indirect free kick taken by Nkunku. He missed a few inches.

Great fault of Nkunku!

Vida gets a yellow but it could have been worse. Nkunku was cut from behind, it could have been very dangerous.

Tchouameni Center

It doesn’t give anything. After a good start to the match, the Blues suffered a little more from the Croatian offenses.


Budimir slides to the limit of offside, advances and shoots from the left six meters. He is countered by Kimpembe and then by Maignan, who deflects for a corner. The Croatian had time and could have changed a teammate. Big heat stroke for the Blues!

Modric finds Brekalo

The Real midfielder enjoys the debut, but his teammate completely fails his center in a touch.


Budimir runs behind the tricolor defense, but before he can challenge Maignan, he is knocked down by a sweep from Imperial William Saliba. The Arsenal defender is off to a great start.

Magnificent opening by Guendouzi

The Marseilles found Diaby, who hit the box and deposited a cross towards Rabiot, narrowly deflected for a corner by Juranovic.

Worthy Chain Centers

The first missed Diaby and the second, heading for Ben Yedder, was well deflected by the Croatian defense.

The Blues put their foot on the ball

Saliba does not hesitate to carry the ball and then try to find his midfielders. The France team is in a good possession phase.

Good intervention from Kimpembe

The Blues captain, helped by Saliba, takes over from the Croatian striker who has come to challenge the defence. The Croats have the ball in these first minutes. Corner awarded by Saliba.

Blues that must be shown

In addition to having to raise their heads after the defeat against Denmark, several players will have to score points this afternoon. This is Guendouzi’s first term in office, the second for Saliba, Nkunku, Diaby and Maignan.

let’s split

The kick-off is given by the France team. Both teams lost three days ago and want to come back.

Selection 150 for Modric

The 2018 Ballon d’Or, captain of Croatia, received a 150 flocked shirt for the occasion. He is the player with the most caps for his country.

Players enter the field of play

The hymns will be played, starting with the Marseillaise.

Konaté on the bench

Called up for the first time, the Liverpool defender is on the bench and could play his first minutes tonight.

France undefeated against Croatia

In 8 games against Croatia, the Blues have never lost. They won 6 times, including in the last 3 games, and conceded 2 draws.

Kimpembe, captain for the first time

Presnel Kimpembe will play his 27th match for France tonight and will wear the captain’s armband for the first time in his career.

Tchouaméni, the only survivor of the match against Denmark

The Monegasque midfielder had been one of the few to survive a match in which the Blues struggled.

Croatia with Modric and Rennais Majer

Three days after a crushing loss to Austria, Croatia are also making changes. Modric is the starter this time and the defense is almost completely revised.

The composition of Croatia: Livakovic – Juranovic, Erlic, Vida, Barisic – Modric, Brozovic, Kovacic – Majer, Budimir, Brekalo.

The composition of the French team.

As expected, Deschamps is going to make a big rotation tonight, with 10 changes compared to the match against Danermak (only Tchouaméni remains).

The Blues will also drop the 3-5-2 for a four-man defence.

Maignan – Pavard, Saliba, Kimpembe, Digne – Guendouzi, Tchouaméni – Diaby, Nkunku, Rabiot – Ben Yedder.

The probable composition of the Blues, with many changes

Maignan – Pavard, Saliba, Kimpembe – Clauss (or Coman), Digne – Guendouzi Tchouaméni – Griezmann, Nkunku, Ben Yedder.

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Towards a system change and a 4-man defense against Croatia?

Given the many absences, Didier Deschamps could change the system and go back to a four-man defence.

>> More information

Kante in the stands

Like Boubacar Kamara against Denmark, N’Golo Kanté is not on the list of 23 players the French team handed over to UEFA to face Croatia on Monday night in Split.

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