'Dramatic consequences': Valbuena tells how the sex tape damaged his career and his private life

‘Dramatic consequences’: Valbuena tells how the sex tape damaged his career and his private life

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Mathieu Valbuena reacted exclusively on RMC’s Rothen Ignites at the end of the sextape and his legal dispute with Karim Benzema. The 37-year-old attacking midfielder lamented the consequences of this long soap opera on his adventure with the France team and the impact on his private life.

Started in 2015, the so-called sextape affair is coming to an end. By resigning a few days ago to appeal his sentence in the first instance (one year of suspended prison sentence and a 75,000 euro fine), Karim Benzema thus accepted the verdict of justice on his role in this story that upset French football for almost seven years. Exclusively for RMC, Mathieu Valbuena reacted this Tuesday at the end of all this legal battle. Present at the show rothen lights up This Tuesday, the offensive midfielder shared his relief.

“It is finally a chapter ending. I have been asked about this many times since I became an RMC consultant. But here it is, it is true that I too was tired of all that and suffered a lot from it. “Obviously I was penalized a lot on a sporting level, I regretted the former OM and OL. This chapter is finally ending. For me, it lasted too long. Years and too long, but that’s fairness. Finally, I can move on. No I don’t hold a grudge nothing and I’ve always said what I had to say about what happened. I’m not going to go back on this long issue, but the most important thing for me is to turn the page.”

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“The France team was especially difficult for me”

A member of the France national team after the arrival of Didier Deschamps as coach, Mathieu Valbuena was finally removed from the tricolor group during promotion to Euro 2016 at home. Direct consequence of his off-sport stumbles.

“It cost me the France team. It is true that it was Euro 2016 in France. In this case I was the victim, and I say it again, when I received anonymous calls from these people who wanted to blackmail me. I know who was at the end, so I was at the end of my focus, still narrated the one who wore the rooster-flanked jersey 52 times. As we all know, he penalized me a lot sportingly and also in my private life. “They were difficult moments from which I was able to recover. But yes, the France team cost me above all. Obviously when you know how to be an international and play for your country, it’s something strong. It’s true that it was a very, very hard stage”. moment. I would have expected to have another final with the France team, but it was like that. That’s right, that’s my career.”

Valbuena recounts Deschamps’ call

Relaxed about the end of his international career, Mathieu Valbuena revealed how he learned of his non-selection for Euro 2016. In sports, and despite his good season at Lyon “with Karim Benzema”, the attacking midfielder did not find favor of the eyes. by Didier Deschamps. With a phone call, the coach told him the end of his career with the Blues. And unlike the Real Madrid striker, Mathieu Valbuena was not entitled to a second chance.

“I had my discussion with Didier Deschamps. He called me to tell me that he wasn’t going to take me to Euro 2016. I told him what I thought and that it wasn’t based on sporting criteria,” explained the Girondins-trained player. from Bordeaux. He didn’t agree with me but I said what I thought. Now there are no hard feelings and I said what I was thinking at the time. They are choices. Then the train passed by and it was more complicated.”

Valbuena does not regret it despite the ‘dramatic consequences’

After a sextape blackmail attempt, Mathieu Valbuena chose to file a complaint. Seven years later and knowing the effects of this whole thing on the rest of his career, he has no regrets. “I don’t regret just filing a complaint. They’re not blackmailing me at all,” the Olympiacos Greece playmaker continued. They are private things and there are many people who do private things and as you don’t know they never come out. I did it, don’t worry, I don’t regret it. It’s my private life and it’s nobody’s business.

And Mathieu Valbuena continues: “Of course there were dramatic consequences. The word may be a bit strong, but there were great consequences for the France team. Already in my private life, which is the most important thing, and then in my sporting life” . life because football is my whole life. Then I didn’t know who was at the end of it all. It happened like this and I have reached the end of my approach.”

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