The five blues to follow in the Euro U19

The five blues to follow in the Euro U19

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From June 18 to July 1, France’s under-19 team will be looking to draw inspiration from their elders, who have just won the Maurice-Revello Tournament. Landry Chauvin’s players have an appointment in Slovakia to play the final phase of the European Championship: on the programme, matches against the Slovak hosts, Romania and Italy… for starters. When the competition begins, focus on five blueberries destined for a bright future.

isaac toure

Author of a season of the highest quality, with 17 Ligue 2 games, including eight starts, the slender (2.04 m) and versatile HAC defender showed his solidity in the center of defense and knew how to assert his leadership character . In constant progression, Touré is one of those young players that Paul Le Guen has incubated in recent seasons (with Amir Richardson, Yahia Fofana, Matthis Abline, Saël Kumbedi, etc.). Very courted already last winter, the young tricolor did not go unnoticed, to the point of interest to several major European clubs such as Newcastle, Eintracht Frankfurt, Marseille and Manchester City. His good performances opened the doors for him to the France Under-19 team in September 2021, and since then he has seven selections and two goals with the Bleuets. However, he still has some tests to do, so the European Championship will be a real challenge for Isaak Touré to confirm the expectations placed on him.

Ismael Doukure

A deserter from Valenciennes (where he signed his first professional contract at the age of sixteen) in Strasbourg in the dead of winter, Ismaël Doukouré missed his second half of the season. Blame it, first, on a patellar tendon problem that keeps him off the pitch, then on an Alsatian team that works wonderfully and has competitive quality. His 18-year-old and his 83-year-old, who had impressed in the north central defense in Ligue 2, only intervene in a quarter of an hour in Ligue 1; enough to convince Landry Chauvin to include him in his squad for the European Championship. However, it is not his first international exhibition: Doukouré had been taken to Japan by Sylvain Ripoll last summer, to compete in the Tokyo Olympics with the blue delegation; a great sports fiasco in which he, however, will not participate. And then he proves that the boy has his head well on his shoulders: he entrusted World eleven the importance of his STMG baccalaureate, which he managed to obtain last year. “It is very important for me to pass this diploma. It’s the end of a cycle, even if I can continue my studies afterwards.” He confessed.

warren bondo

“I don’t come here for nothing, I have to take something home. » This phrase perfectly reflects the mentality of the young nugget of AS Nancy Lorraine, the eldest of the four children of a grocer father and a mother who bathes in the hospitable environment. Author of a fairly strong season, with 21 games in Ligue 2 of which eight as a starter, one goal and one assist, the young midfielder unfortunately sees his future ex-club relegated to Nacional, as Bondo has decided not to return. The 18-year-old Bleuet, already well established in the system of Landry Chauvin’s team, as evidenced by his twelve games played at Under-19 level this season, would even be targeted by Ligue 1 and Bundesliga clubs.

florence da silva

Praised by his coaches at Olympique Lyonnais who promise him a bright future, Florent Da Silva has asserted himself a little more this season. The 18-year-old midfielder, launched as a professional by Rudi García, shines first with the OL subsidiary in Nacional 2 – his two goals and four caviars in the first part of the season attest to this. Since January, FDS has been delighting Villefranche at National, and once again, its view quickly put it above the rest. Only his seven offers in the second half of the season contribute greatly to the excellent exercise of Caladois, once again close to promotion to Ligue 2. Then the question of his short-term future arises: a new loan or integration into the Peter Bosz rotation?

Alan Virginia

Accustomed to the Under-19 team (2 goals in 10 teams in this category), Alan Virginius also travels to Slovakia. Almost condemned to a role of luxury joker at Sochaux, the flying winger knew how to use it wisely. This season, all five of the 19-year-old striker’s goals in Ligue 2 have come from a substitute: it’s simple, no one has done better this season in the run-up to the French top flight. He was also very close to joining at the end of the season, but FCSM could not resist the law of the future, promoting Auxerre in the play-off. Next step, if his future is at Doubs (at the end of the contract in 2023): get rid of the competition, since Omar Daf has often preferred Maxime Do Couto, Tony Mauricio, Steve Ambri for his position, or even a repositioning of Aldo Kalulu on a wing, when Yann Kitala was evolving on the axis.

By Clément Barbier and Matis Le Brocher

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