Didier Bourdon confesses his tiredness of getting only comedy roles

Didier Bourdon confesses his tiredness of getting only comedy roles

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The comedian, who became a star with Les Inconnus, stars this Wednesday in a new comedy, The Perfect Man. He confides in BFMTV his tiredness of being confined to a single type of work in the cinema.

Unlike many comedians, Didier Bourdon hasn’t done it yet Tchao Pantin. But the famous Stranger, on view this comedy on Wednesday The perfect manDon’t complain more than that. He is now resigned, as he explains to BFMTV: “I know that having been successful in comedies is a bit of the other side of the coin.”

“It is television that offers me dramatic roles, but in the cinema they are afraid,” he adds. “We can’t force people. It may be the agents who aren’t doing their job… Afterwards, some dramatic actors don’t want us to walk on their flower bed, especially when we come from comedy. But I started with the National Conservatory from Paris. I’ve played Molière, Ibsen, Shakespeare. It’s in my DNA to play different roles!”

This gap between the small and the big screen is very clear. On television, director Xavier Durringer has him act in death in the soul (2017) one of his rare dramatic roles, that of a man who falls into deep silence after killing his son. And in the movies, Xavier Durringer himself directs it in The perfect manthe story of a man whose daily life is interrupted when his wife buys a human-like food processor.

A role -that of the martyr husband- that Didier Bourdon has picked up in recent years, from my very dear children a construction permit going by alternate custody. A job that suits him despite everything: “It is true that it is always interesting to play characters to whom misfortunes happen. That is what makes the situation comical. Great roles are tortured roles! In The perfect manThis robot will physically and philosophically challenge my character.”

“I avoid movies that are a bit too bourgeois”

Confined to comedy, Didier Bourdon is no less demanding. We can recognize a certain style. As a christian keyboard, achieved significant success throughout his career. Recently she appeared on teachers 2 (3.4 million admissions), alibi.com (3.5 million) and great share (1.1 million). “The sincerity has to be there. I’ve never made a movie for the money.”

Even if that means screwing up, Didier Bourdon also systematically rejects what he calls “bourgeois comedies. I avoid movies that are a little too bourgeois, Parisian. A little weirder, like in The perfect man.”

The perfect manwith his humanoid robot, it also allows Didier Bourdon to rediscover a genre, science fiction, which he adores, and which he has practiced a little in the cinema, in particular in The alien, Jacky in the Kingdom of Girls or the forgotten thriller Machine (1994), where he plays a sociopath who swaps his body with that of Gérard Depardieu.

And you have to know how to stay in the genre in which you stand out, insists this actor who has very rarely dared to play counter-employment roles: “One of the hallmarks of my work and of Les Inconnus continues to be social criticism. And who says social criticism”. Say something realistic. As soon as you put surrealism, you have to be careful, otherwise you can mess up the message a bit. That’s why I haven’t done too much science fiction.”

“A comedy is like a piece of rock”

For Didier Bourdon, the biggest laughs come from the drama. Like in construction permit, a comedy released in the spring in which a Parisian supervises construction work on his late father’s house in Corsica. Threatened in one scene by bandits, his character is forced to prove that he speaks Corsican. It is because he “could be shot in the head at any moment” that the room erupts in laughter, he comments:

“I could see it with the audience. This scene, with the thugs, is really like in the three brothers penetrating scene. It’s a climax. I pretend to be a Corsican. I make very, very bad noises. With the danger imminent and me mimicking Corsican onomatopoeia poorly, that’s when people start laughing.”

After a career spanning forty years, Didier Bourdon has become an expert in comedy. A status that allows him to say definitive phrases like: “A comedy is like a piece of rock. It is better short.” Originally, however, he “wasn’t really” destined for comedy when he entered the Conservatory.

His decision to refuse to join the Comédie-Française at the time may have conditioned him to become a humorist, he reflects in retrospect: “She was not in good health. She got in, we couldn’t make movies outside. I refused. Maybe I would have had a different career profile if he had gotten in. If he never had a dramatic career to match his talent, he was able to play one of the world’s most famous directors, Ridley Scott, in a great year (2006):

“They offered him Jean Reno or Vincent Cassel at that time. They were the French who were offered all American films at that time. He, like a good professional, looked for other names. He knew about my work with Les Inconnus.” 7 years of marriage, a comedy I directed in 2003, which convinced him. He showed it to all of Hollywood and received me three times at his house. It was very rewarding.”

Soon the return of the Unknowns

If Ridley Scott’s film did not launch his career in Hollywood, Didier Bourdon multiplies filming in France. “I would love to direct again, but it’s not easy. And they’re offering me a lot of things as an actor and interesting things, so I’m not going to complain.”

he just slaughtered rooster-a-doodle doo by Julien Hervé, the co-creator of Tuche. He will give the answer to Christian Clavier, with whom he took over The cage of the crazy on stage, in 2009. “The theme is great. Then I remain cautious. The movie is good, that’s for sure. Then, will it be very good? I don’t know. You always have to see if the mayonnaise takes”.

It’s spinning right now alibi.com 2 by Philippe Lacheau while waiting to meet his friends Pascal Légitimus and Bernard Campan in a comedy signed by Riad Sattouf. “Ça va être un truc un peu délirant. On jouera plusieurs personnages. C’est plutôt une belle idée. Riad aime bien qu’on puisse jouer des personnages complètement différents – quitte à ce qu’on ne nous reconnaisse pas, parfois, pendant the movie.”

Filming is scheduled for spring next year. “It can be very nice,” concludes Didier Bourdon. “It’s a bit like the union between our two worlds. But first it will be a Riyadh film, with the participation of Unknowns, let’s say. This is not a Strangers movie. It will be a little more fantastic.” And the opportunity for Didier Bourdon to finally show a new facet of his game.

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