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Corsair completes its line of gaming chairs with the announcement of the TC200 series. Aimed at players, the offer includes cloth or imitation leather seats.

We find a known framework but taking into account the comments of the users. Clearly these chairs offer less aggressive bolsters and wider seating surfaces. They benefit from many scenarios while being distinguished by a dress that combines two different colors.

TC200 gaming chair

We had the opportunity to test this novelty (cloth version) for a few days, advertised at €389.99. Does it live up to its high-end positioning?

TC200 gaming chair, delivery and assembly.

Like all gaming chairs, the TC200’s packaging is imposing and, above all, heavy. A tip, to avoid hurting your back, ask a second person to help you carry the box.

TC200 gaming chair

It takes up space, but it’s no surprise to learn that all the seating components are in one place. We find the backrest, the seat, the cylinder but also the adjustment system, the screws and, in a global way, the complete set. You guessed it, everything comes knocked down.

As we will see, the assembly of the TC200 is not complicated. Also, you don’t need any tools. What is necessary with the screws is proposed.

TC200 gaming chair

The first step is to equip the star base with its five wheels.

Some force is required to properly secure each wheel in its housing. The cylinder will then be placed in its housing, paying attention to the assembly direction.

Don’t forget to install the telescopic cover.

TC200 gaming chair

Then, the seat must be prepared with on the one hand the assembly of the tilting mechanism and on the other the installation of the backrest.

Fixation is secured by four 20mm high M2 screws accompanied by washers. Remember to correctly orient the mechanics by correctly placing the direction arrow. To make no mistake, just look at the documentation. For its part, the two armrests are already mounted.

It only remains to fix the backrest to the seat using four 25 mm M8 screws accompanied by two washers.

In our case, the first set of discs in the package was missing. However, the assembly went well with correct fixation.

All that remains is to place the seat and back duo on the cylinder and then install the two side covers with two Phillips screws.

Small rubber caps (Corsair logos) put the finishing touch to the whole.

TC200 – Features


  • Tilt from 0° to 17° or lock
  • Fit height 47 to 59 cm
  • Backrest adjustment from 90 to 190° tilt
  • 4D adjustable armrests


  • Measurements Width: 39.5cm | Depth: 45.5cm
  • Minimum height 47cm
  • Maximum height 59cm
  • Foam density 55 Kg/m3


  • height 83cm
  • Shoulder width 53 cm
  • Foam density 55 Kg/m3


  • 4D type
  • Adjustable Up/Down – Forward/Backward – Left/Right – In and Out Rotation
  • size 27x10cm


  • starbase
  • Matte black
  • Double wheels Ø 75


  • fabric lining
  • Steel frame
  • Class 4 cylinder


  • Maximum height 196cm
  • Maximum weight 121 Kg

TC200 gaming chair, presentation and use

This TC200 family is announced in two versions, fabric or imitation leather. The look is popular in the gaming segment with a motorsports-inspired cube style.

TC200 gaming chair

Our version offers a beautiful fabric dress that combines mouse gray and white. The seat is difficult to hide. It is noticeable as soon as you enter the office. Its shape and curves give it a distinguished temperament, leaving no doubt about the target market.

TC200 gaming chair

It comes with built-in foam lumbar support and a removable memory foam neck pillow.

TC200 gaming chair

Its equipment includes 4D armrests. They are adjustable in height, width, depth and rotation.

TC200 gaming chair

Class 4 steel gas spring allows seat height adjustment of up to 120mm. Added to this is a 180° reclining backrest that offers a lying position.

TC200 gaming chair

It rests on a wide base equipped with 75 mm diameter double anti-tip wheels.

TC200 gaming chair

The idea of ​​the TC200 is to meet the needs of tall people. Compared to its largest, the T3 Rush, it is armed with larger surfaces.

TC200 gaming chair

Its seat offers dimensions of 39.5 x 45.5 cm (width x depth) compared to 53 x 83 cm of the backrest (width x height). The seat of the T3 RUSH offers 34.3 x 45.5 cm.

TC200 gaming chair

We also have a difference in its height with an adjustment between 47 and 59 cm compared to 44 and 54 cm of the T3 RUSH. Corsair announces a chair capable of holding a 196 cm template for a weight of 121 kg.

Its structure is made of steel while the seat and back benefit from a high-density Polyurethane (PU) foam of 55 kg/m3. The two armrests offer a surface of 27 x 10 cm for a height of 3 cm.

TC200 gaming chair

Its textured finish improves grip but offers a more marked environment in a “lying down” session to watch a video for example. Three dedicated buttons can be used to adjust their heights, their orientations or their depths. As we pointed out a little above, Corsair talks about 4D adjustments since it is possible to raise them, lower them, move them left or right, forward or backward and rotate them slightly.

TC200 gaming chair

Under the seat, the lateral lever that manages the height adjustment has a second function. Unlocked, it allows the seat to tilt backwards (17°). For its part, the strength of the restoring forces of this swing can be customized with a wheel positioned at the front. This adjustment is a plus to adapt the scale to the weight of a person.

TC200 gaming chair

When the user screw the knob, the reminder system hardens

The set rests on a five-pointed star base equipped with double 75 mm wheels that offer an anti-tip system. The seat does not roll easily if no one is sitting while it normally “slips” on most surfaces when seated.

TC200 gaming chair

In use, the system works but you really have to use your full weight for optimal glide in a seated position.

The quality of the seat against its “Setup” for several hours is essential. In front of your monitor and to get the most out of your favorite games, it is important to sit well and avoid poor posture. This affects the legs, pelvis, arms, back, or even the neck. The choice of a chair is not insignificant and, above all, should not be taken lightly.

You need to consider several factors such as height, lumbar support, tilt, and depth. On the other hand, all these elements depend on the morphology of each one. Therefore, there is no miracle recipe, universal height or ideal seat. You have to try your seat to find out if it is suitable.

For this TC200, I give you my feelings. I am 1.81 m tall and weigh about 80 kg. I found the seat comfortable and hard.

The best position is to position yourself well at the bottom of the seat to make the most of its depth. In this way, the back is hidden against the backrest and the lumbar support is felt immediately. On the other hand, I find that the base is too flat and the rocking mode is mandatory. It’s a real shame that the rocker can’t be precisely customized.

TC200 gaming chair

The two armrests benefit from a comforting steel architecture. They are solid in use without any particular weakness. When you lean on it to get up there are no bad surprises. In addition, the seat does not move backwards thanks to its anti-tip system. Once seated, they are particularly pleasant with the “fleece” covering. The surface is enough to rest your forearm when using the mouse.

TC200 gaming chair

One of its positive points refers to the configuration with a wide variety of positions. It’s handy for adjusting the seat to your needs, but that’s not all. This also makes it less imposing to store the seat under a desk to free up space in the room.

Our model offers a good quality breathable fabric finish. Though in tune with the times, the grey/white duo risk over the months the vagaries of a gaming life. Stains are probably unavoidable. A long-term vision…

TC200 gaming chair

One thing is for sure, the sporty approach is there with a cube style, numerous white stitching, two curved shapes that highlight the seat and back or even two embroidered Corsair logos on the front and back.

There are also small details to underline the “premium” approach, such as a small yellow sticker on the back or the reminder of the reference on the two armrest uprights.

TC200 gaming chair

Note that the “cube” shape is mostly visual as these generous dimensions offer space. Pelvis and back are not included. Freedom of movement is great. The included removable neck pillow is nice. It has a zipper that allows very easy access to your viscoelastic.

Corsair has chosen to integrate lumbar support directly into the backrest. The approach is interesting but does not allow the seat to adapt to the person.


Balance sheet

Service / Price

Listed at €389.99, this TC200 is armed with all the standards of what we can expect from a high-end gaming chair. Its steel chassis, its bucket-like appearance, its finish and its equipment are compelling arguments that ensure it a place of choice in a gaming SETUP. Corsair targets tall gamers first with a generous saddle that offers space and multiple adjustments. This richness allows it to be versatile, adapting to the maximum to the different morphologies except for the lumbar support integrated directly into the backrest.

For the rest, the comfort is there with, however, firmness. You may surprise at the sight of the warm invitation of our fabric version. Personally, I only have one complaint. This is the balance system. It is not possible to lock it at a particular incline.

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