Supermarché : ce magasin annonce une baisse incroyable sur le prix du carburant, moins 36 centimes par litre

Supermarket: this store announces an incredible drop in the price of fuel, minus 36 cents per liter

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The fuel for already a few months is only increasing. Prices vary enormously between each service station. This can create a real price difference to refuel the same car based on location. Here’s our info on where to refuel to save.

Average diesel prices in France today

Source: Pexel

Average fuel prices have increased significantly due to the current situation. So much so that refueling has become a difficult time for many French people who are even thinking of quitting because they would earn more money at the end of the month than working and paying for their refueling. In France, the current price of diesel is €2,077, 95 unleaded is €2,088, 98 unleaded is the most expensive at €2,148. The unleaded 95 E10 is a good alternative to the normal 95 as it is 50 cents cheaper or €2,038. E85 has an average price of €0.865 and LPG €0.876. Therefore, fuel now requires a substantial monthly budget.

The cheapest gas stations for Diesel

It is the Cerizay Total station in Deux Sèvres that offers the cheapest diesel, at 1,116 euros, followed by Vito Poggio-mezzana in Haute Crose, which offers it at 1,150 euros. In the last position of the top 3 is Leclerc in Erstein in the Bas-Rhin at 1,906 euros.

Cheapest stations for SP95 fuel

First of all, for the gas station that offers the cheapest SP95, it is Vito from Poggio-mezzana in Haute-Corse who offers it at 1,170 euros, compared to 1,864 euros in Saint-mitre-les-remparts in Bouches-du-Rhône. , followed by Seebach in the Lower Rhine that offers it at 1,945 euros.

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The cheapest stations for the SP98

First there is Total in Villeneuve-sous-dammartin in Seine-et-Marne which offers 98 unleaded at €0.229, followed by Casino Portes-lès-valence in Drôme which sells it for €1.959 and finally System U in Eaunes in Haute-Garonne. to 1,986 euros but today has increased slightly. What to save on your fuel.

The cheapest stations on the E10

The cheapest in France is at the Match supermarket in Moselle at 1,893 euros per litre, followed by Leclerc in Erstein on the Bas-Rhin which sells for 1,896 euros. And finally the U system in Eaunes en Haute-Garonne that offers it at 1,898 euros.

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The cheapest E85 gas stations

For the E85 it is the Libourne en Gironde service station that offers the most attractive price at 0.618 euros. After her is the Leclerc de Noeux-les-mines in Pas-de-Calais that offers it at 0.619 then the Leclerc de Coutances in Manche for a price of 0.622 euros.

The cheapest stations for LPGc

At the top of the ranking is the Cora service station in Essey-lès-nancy in Meurthe-et-Moselle that offers it at 0.619 euros, then there is Auchan in Martigues in Bouches-du-Rhônes for the price of 0.639 euros and finally Leclerc at Châteaubriant in Loire-Atlantique for the price of 0.655 euros.

overall fuel

Prices are generally going down, with the exception of the 95 Unleaded which is still seeing a slight increase, as well as the 98 Unleaded which, although lower than the 95 Unleaded, also appears to be rising again in some places.

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