The object in your hotel room that you should never use.  What danger does it hide?

The object in your hotel room that you should never use. What danger does it hide?

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In many ways, the best hotels in the world offer exclusive comfort, often even surpassing that of home. However, while a super-comfy bed, flat-screen TV, mini bar, and Wi-Fi are must-haves in any hotel room worth its salt, there are also some seemingly innocuous things that can be overlooked and dangerous. In addition, experts warn travelers about a very particular item, found in certain luxury rooms and suites, that should never be used. Have you guessed what object it is?

Congratulations, it is indeed the coffee maker! Certainly, most people are happy to find one in their hotel room and even appreciate this exclusive service. Especially coffee lovers who are excited to be able to enjoy it at any time of the day. But what you don’t know is that some people don’t clean the coffee maker, kettle or kettle the same way you do. And if the hygiene of these devices is questionable, as a precaution, it is better not to risk it. We tell you more.

The object in the hotel room that is better to avoid touching

coffee machine

A coffee machine – Source: spm

Wherever you are in the world, sticking to your morning routine is invaluable comfort. Also, to start the day off right, you can order a coffee at reception or, better yet, make yourself a nice cup in the comfort of your hotel room thanks to the coffee machine. All in all, this seems like a very convenient and beneficial service. Except that the experts are rather sounding the alarm: according to them, this machine is far from being as healthy and hygienic as you imagined. In some cases, it is even very dirty and full of bacteria.

Indeed, most of the time, the cleaning of these coffee machines is quite superficial. With the naked eye, it will not be seen. However, closer examination under a microscope can reveal a very high level of germs.

Be careful, the coffee maker is full of bacteria

drink coffee

Have a coffee – Source: spm

In a 2015 study, researchers from the University of Valencia took samples from nine Nespresso instant coffee machines. Everything had been used for a year in the common areas.
The results revealed the presence of several bacteria on all machines studied. The existence of these bacterial strains with pathogenic properties strongly suggests that frequent maintenance of these devices and the capsule container is extremely necessary. “, wrote the authors of the study from the University of Valencia.

And the coffee at the hotel reception is also risky?

wait hotel lobby

Waiting in the hotel lobby – Source: spm

Did you think that you could solve the situation by having a coffee in the hotel lobby or at the reception? Nothing is less secure. According to some research, it turns out that most of these coffee makers are just as dirty and carry germs.

After some studies, we found that the handle of the cup of coffee in the buffet, which is offered during the break in various events, is one of the first contaminated objects.said Dr. Charles Gerba, PhD, professor of microbiology and environmental sciences at the University of Arizona.

Most people assume that coffee machines work best, as long as they are filled with water and plugged in. But are they as hygienic as they seem? Just because they still work fine doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be thoroughly cleaned.

All appliances, including those signed by Nespresso, require frequent maintenance, including cleaning with vinegar, to remove limescale, mold and bacteria that develop there over time.
Our results show, for the first time, that filtering coffee through standard capsule machines is a breeding ground for bacteria.”, conclude the authors from the University of Valencia.

To avoid inconvenience and preserve your health, if you doubt the cleanliness of the coffee maker in your hotel room, do not risk it and refrain from using it. If you are in a very luxurious establishment, with impeccable hygiene, it would be good to check with the establishment’s staff to ensure the frequency of cleaning these devices.

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