Prix de l'essence : quels sont les Français concernés par cette nouvelle ristourne à la pompe ?

Gasoline prices: which French people are affected by this new reduction at the pump?

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Soon the 18 cents per liter that is the price you have to pay when you refuel will disappear. But that doesn’t mean the state stops helping him. If you are a high roller, then the government continues to help you. But you have to request it.

Tips for refueling!

We see you coming. You know how to refuel, of course. But it is not here to explain how to put gasoline. But rather tell you how to put it on. You may not know it, but depending on the time you refuel, the quality of gasoline is not the same. We give you an example to help you understand. Refueling is strongly recommended… in the morning. The reason is simple. At night, temperatures are cool. Due to this, the stored fuel cools down. However, when it is cold, it is denser. When you refuel, one liter of fuel is actually equal to one liter of fuel.

Does this seem normal to you? Maybe, but it’s not always like that. In fact, when fuels are hotter, they are more volatile. Therefore, they tend to evaporate more quickly. Then you refuel, of course, but with less fuel. Also, don’t go to the pump right after a tanker fills the pumps. In fact, when the pumps are full, the fuels mix with the encrusted dirt. This dirt then ends up in your car if you are the first to be serviced. Don’t panic, it’s safe for the vehicle. But you’ll get more dirt and less gas. The price, however, will be the same.

The end of the 18 cent crash

The government quickly announced it. As soon as it was implemented, the French knew that this discount of a few cents per liter was only temporary. It must be said that it costs a lot of money: 800 million a month. Therefore, the State thinks of a new help. The found idea costs money, but much less: we are talking about 2,000 million a year. This is logical since the help in question is directed. It does not concern all French people, but only those who drive the most, those who cannot do without their vehicle.

Bruno Le Maire has indicated it, and specifies: if ” your home and your workplace are very far away or that you are itinerant, for example because you are a nursing assistant, you declare that you are a nuisance and you will have additional compensation“.

The current aid will gradually disappear. The discount will go from 18 to 12 cents, then from 12 to 6 cents, then from 6 to 0 cents. When the new aid comes into force, the big rollers will have to communicate that they need this aid on the website of the general directorate of public finances. ” We will do it very gradually, but at the end of the year there will be no more fuel discounts.said the minister into the microphone of Europe 1.

Historical fuel prices!

We remember the anger of the yellow vests, who are in the street to fight against rising prices. Especially fuel prices. At that time, the price per liter was 1 euro 50. It seems laughable now, when it is known that many pumps exceed 2 euros per litre. But the yellow vests arrived before the covid-19 health crisis and before the great geopolitical crisis in Ukraine. These two events are at the origin of the price increase, sudden and surprising, but logical. The government must spend to help the French get out of a period of uncertainty.

Especially since we know, thanks to a recent study, that the French lack an average of 490 euros per month on average to make ends meet. Obviously, this is higher than previous years. And it’s a whole new record that has been broken.

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