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Complicated summer holidays: the eighth wave is scheduled for the start of the next school year, according to an expert

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Covid has been infecting more and more people since the end of June 2022. Specialists believe that by the start of the school year, things will get even worse. Consulted on this subject, the infectologist Denis Malvy offered clear and clear answers. According to his words, summer vacations will be complicated.

a new wave

During his interview with 20 minutes, Denis Malvy took stock of the current situation, in particular in the beds of the University Hospital of Bordeaux. According to him, the Omicron virus, which we are currently fighting against, is an increasingly transmissible virus. Its ability to produce subvariants allows it to evolve and adapt. which is worrying because the experts have almost unveiled all their weapons to eradicate it.

In addition, more and more members of the medical community are contaminated. This means there are even fewer staff to care for the sick while they are being more and more numerous Every day. That is why the experts I invite you to be attentive. In particular, immunosuppressed people need to protect themselves more than others. The fact is that according to Denis Malvy, these they are the most vulnerable to the virus

“After two years of the epidemic, we have a lot of experience and knowledge to adapt to the virus. We see that the populations are screened either because they are symptomatic or because they have been in contact with someone who is sick”, he also points out.

What about the elderly?

In addition to immunocompromised people, those over 60 years of age are also most likely be infected with the virus. This is why the infectologist invites them to receive their second booster dose. As explained by the latter, even if you get vaccinated, with age, the antibodies lose their effectiveness. A statement that seems to confirm the figures. In fact, many people over the age of 60 are still hospitalized.

According to the infectologist, people over 80 years of age should withdraw, because 40% of them have not yet done so. While, according to the doctor, being protected, they are the ones who “will protect the hospital”.

complicated summer vacation

Denis Malvy invites the population to reconnect with barrier gestures to limit the broadcast. The reflexes to have? Wear a mask in closed, unventilated areas, and avoid contact with sick or symptomatic people. According to the infectologist, the summer holidays promise to be especially complicated due to this epidemic resumption.

“People with symptomatic Covid are grounded for four days and need to rest for 10-12 days, if that is our vacation schedule, hello freedom and summer options! she declared.

According to Denis Malvy, we are still “very, very far from the end of the epidemic”. In fact, the eighth wave will appear at the beginning of the school year and could be even more devastating. Hopefully, by then, researchers will have found most relevant vaccines.

The health protocol in schools at the beginning of the school year

Since the eighth wave is scheduled for the start of the 2022 school year, the ministry has set a new frame of the health protocol before Covid. The protocol will present three levels of measurements each of which will apply depending on the context. Level 1 is activated if the situation is not critical. It consists of remembering the barrier gestures, and the limitation of large groups.

Level 2 is equivalent to a high alert state. Its activation is accompanied by a reinforcement of barrier gestures. The practical modalities in EPS will also be modified. Level 3 is activated if the situation is very unfavourable. restrictive measures will be strengthenedand a doctrine of welcome will be established in high school.

The Security and National Defense Council (CDSN) will be responsible for determining the level of protocol to implement. His decision will not be made public until the end of August. and this neither a few days before classes resume.

Regarding the use of the mask, the decision will depend on the measures that the government takes for the general population. According to Marie-Hélène Vénétitay, there will be no specific rule for students and teachers in schools.

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