Lebron James 17 juillet 2022

LeBron James’ crazy night, back for the Drew League

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Although he is currently a happy mess in his franchise, LeBron James has decided to take advantage of his summer by having fun humiliating a bunch of strangers in a packed room on the occasion of the mythical Drew League. Which gives us an amazing evening during which we were treated to some legendary moments. Come on, we’ll tell you everything.

We left him bruised, both because of the injuries that ruined his season finale and, above all, because of the course of his Lakers, who came out of the play even before the Playoffs with a very sad 11th place. Three long months later, LeBron James made his return to the courts tonight, and what a return! Announced yesterday as a Drew League participant, the King has excited nearly 99% of basketball fans in the world. A traditional July event in parallel with the Summer Leagues, the Drew League is a showcase, often generating Stand out released in front of a crazy crowd to feed basketball fans in the middle of July. It has already seen some good names pass by, especially during the 2011 lockout when many League stars appeared, including the King. But for several years theevent it was neglected by the big names and had lost its appeal. It was therefore a return to the front of the stage for this summer’s edition, with a LeBron associated with DeMar DeRozan for the MMV Cheaters, opposed to the Black Pearl Elite.. So we were expecting something heavy and they just invited us to a MY-THI-QUE night.

Aside from the fact that the production was obviously done by random guys hired off the street a few hours earlier, we still had a “match.” As for the athlete, therefore, we can say that the King amused himself like a child humiliating one by one each of the members of the clique of strangers who appeared in front of him. Between two controls with Montrezl Harrell or Draymond Green in the audience, BronBron had time to add 42 points and 16 rebounds while blowing the whistle. Above all, she offered a passionate audience a host of highlights, each one crazier than the next. Since we are talking about a basketball game, we will still remind you of the final score, with a narrow victory for the cheaters 104 to 102. A summary of the game in 5 lines? Yes, because if you had not understood, last night’s main interest wasn’t really in the flats. It’s very nice to see LBJ drop big banners on anonymous people, but the context means that the King’s presence has gone beyond the simple framework of the field. Because while Monsieur is having fun and having a good time, he is a total circus in a certain Californian franchise.

A chaos symbolized by the Westbrook case, no longer in an ideal position in California and now released and rocked in the media by his historic agent, Thad Foucher. Another interesting news tonight is that Kendrick Nunn has not disappeared from the face of planet Earth. After a season without playing with the Lakers, we could ask ourselves where the point guard was and we had our answer. He also attended the event and wanted to share his excitement on Twitter. A publication for which the former Heat was well repackaged by the fans after his last season in DNP. We will end by evoking the case of Kyrie Irving, a permanent attraction when we talk about basketball and who met again at the center of yesterday’s evening.

Announced participant for theevent that night, Kyrie was not at the start of the game. We wondered until the very end if Uncle Drew would end up showing up at the tournament. Unfortunately not. You have to believe that the leader is always where you least expect it, and vice versa. A new test tonight, as he will finally pose a beautiful rabbit for everyone. A great missed opportunity to find his friend LeBron to talk about his glorious future common past. But well, we imagine that the Lakers will not mind having one less file to manage in the immediate future, something tells us that they are already very busy.

During a night that only the month of July can offer us, the planet of basketball vibrated to the rhythm of the “exploits” of the King in the Drew League. A LeBron James who obviously does not care much about the honor of his opponents and who does not seem particularly concerned about the happy circus that has shaken the Lakers in recent hours. A recklessness that shows us that we can both be the head of the League and have fun like a child. and that’s beautiful

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