Heat wave: why counterfeit sunglasses are a disaster for your eyes

Heat wave: why counterfeit sunglasses are a disaster for your eyes

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The high temperatures that hit France also cause the UV index to rise considerably. However, bad glasses do not protect against them. Worse still, they damage the eyes more.

In the midst of a heat wave, France is also bombarded with UV rays. Bad for the skin, they are also harmful for the eyes, so sunglasses are supposed to protect the pupils effectively.

But having become more fashion accessories than protection tools, sunglasses of all kinds abound, sometimes at ridiculously low prices. Far from the hundreds of euros of luxury brands, you can easily find frames for a few euros on the internet.

If opticians complain about these fakes, doctors are also worried about these poor quality glasses. In the UK, where temperatures are also hitting record highs, the weather agency has also warned against cheap sunglasses that don’t protect against UV rays.

The risks of UV rays for the eyes are multiple: inflammation, temporary or even long-term blindness, and increased chances of developing cataracts or AMD (age-related macular degeneration).

However, the UV index is currently very high in France. On a scale from 1 to +11, Météo-France shows for all the regions of the metropolis indices from 8 to 10 for this Sunday.

And the color of the lenses does not influence UV infiltration (on the contrary, it does influence glare). Therefore, dark glasses do not provide more protection than lighter glasses. Worse still, the pupils will dilate and receive more rays.

The importance of the note.

So, to really protect yourself from UV rays, the lenses of the glasses must meet European standards. The “CE” marking on the arm of the frame is essential. A notice must also accompany the cups and display one of the 4 filtration categories.

Category 0 associated with the symbol of a cloud does not protect against solar UV rays; it is reserved for comfort and aesthetics.

Categories 1 and 2 They adapt to medium and dimmed sunlight. Category 1 is associated with the symbol of a cloud partially obscuring the sun. Category 2 is associated with a cloudless sun with 8 rays.

Categories 3 or 4 they adapt to cases of strong or exceptional solar luminosity (sea, mountain). Category 3 is associated with the symbol of an intense sun with 16 rays. Category 4 is associated with a sun that dominates two mountain peaks and two wave lines.

Still, counterfeiters no longer hesitate to offer notices and CE marking on their fake glasses. Therefore, the only solution is to buy your pair from a professional… and pay the price.

Thomas LeRoy BFM Business Journalist

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