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Epidemic in Switzerland: the daily life of those fighting monkeypox

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The day to day of those who fight against monkeypox

At HUG, Alex Kodiyan screens patients suspected of having monkeypox daily.  He must wear protective gear for this.

biosecurity concept

After the sample required for diagnosis, the tube containing the sample is slipped into an overtube stretched by a caregiver who has not touched the patient.

“Most of the time things go well. What is to be feared are complications such as secondary infections of the lesions, which can be treated with antibiotics.

Alex Kodiyan, an on-call doctor at HUG, who tests the patient

“When a new virus appears, people need to be informed, to know what the modes of transmission are and what the symptoms are.”

Pauline Vetter, referring physician at the Center for Emerging Viral Diseases

international study

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