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Un Si Grand Soleil before August 3, 2022 (Prime): Blamont files a complaint against Alain Alphand (Summary of episodes 942 and 943)

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“Un Si Grand Soleil” in preview and preview with the complete and detailed summaries of episodes 941 and 942 of Wednesday, August 3, 2022 – For the record, France 2 has chosen to catch up by broadcasting on Wednesday August 3 no less than 6 episodes in a row. In the last two episodes of this exceptional evening, Blamont catches Alain Alphand and denounces him.


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Un Si Grand Soleil Recap advance episodes 942 and 943 of August 3, 2022

Episode 942

At camp, Blamont falls off the stepladder. Enric helps him and makes sure he is okay. Blamont complains of neck pain. Stuck, he has no choice but to go to the doctor, much to Gary’s annoyance.

A year has passed today since Elisabeth and Alain met. Elisabeth has reserved a table for the occasion in a starred restaurant. Alain, for her part, had forgotten this anniversary date. He calls Janet from her car and begs her to find him a replacement for her shift tonight, but it’s going to be tricky. Alain is upset and hangs up. He sees at the last moment a crosswalk in front of his car. He stops in time, but this pedestrian who is none other than Blamont falls by himself. Blamont tricks Alain into thinking he was shot down. Alain proposes to examine it. Blamont refuses to let her touch him. Alain decides to leave and Blamont takes a photo of the license plate of his car.

Blamont has a 3-day ITT (Temporary Incapacity for Displacement of Vertebrae) certificate. He wants to catch Alain and make people believe that these ITT days are his fault. So he asks Gary for Master Levars’ phone number. And to convince him, he threatens to contact occupational medicine. Gary relents.

At the hospital, Alain tells Janet about his misadventure and regrets having had a bad day. But Janet has good news for him: one of her colleagues has canceled her talk and so she can take care of him.

Blamont got a date with Serge Levars. He leads her to believe that a driver hit him and she refused to report it. Serge Levars assures him that he was right to come see him. He also intends to shield the case from him for substantial damage. Serge Levars asks Blamont to go to the police station first to file a complaint and hand over the photo of the license plate to the police. He asks her to then go to another doctor who will be happy to detail his health problems. He will draw up a new certificate in which he will insist on the seriousness of the physical damage that he has suffered.

Dr. Alphand and Elisabeth are about to go out to the restaurant when Alain receives a call from the police station informing him that a complaint has been filed against him.

The start of trouble for Jacques Moore

The bank authorizes an overdraft line of up to 50,000 euros to Jacques Mourre. You will be able to benefit from it in two or three days, the deadline for the establishment to register your request. Relieved to have escaped bankruptcy, Jacques confides in Léonor.

Jacques also informs his son that his problems are behind him. Marc is relieved as is Myriam. They will be able to fully dedicate themselves to finding their flat and their plan to start a family. Myriam shows some signs of impatience.

At the tennis club, Kira helps Louis clean up. The teenager takes the opportunity to tell him that his father and Myriam want to have a child and he is in a hurry. Louis ignores him, but his mother has heard everything..


Episode 943

It hurts Léonor that her ex-husband wants to start a family with Myriam. Fever, he waits for Marc in front of the Midi Libre store and accuses him of having caused the divorce to avoid having a second child. But for Marc, the truth is very different: if they did not have a second child, it was simply because they no longer loved each other. He is sorry that his ex-wife is hurt, but he really wants to start a family with Myriam. Leonor insults him..

At the club, Kira meets Louis in lovely company. A teenage girl flirts with him and leaves her phone number. Kira is jealous.

Marc tells Myriam about his encounter with Léonor. He would never have believed that his ex-wife would take so much the fact that he wanted another child. Myriam thinks it is understandable that Léonor is hurt, because unlike him, she is alone and has not rebuilt her life.

As night falls, Léonor sends an anonymous complaint to Laetitia. She informs the beautiful banker that Jacques Mourre forged a note to get a line of cash.

Claudine will defend Alain

Summoned to the police station, Akim and Brigadier Valois listen to Alain. Thierry informs Dr. Alphand that the person he ran over the day before, Valéry Blamont, has filed a complaint against him. Alain assures the two policemen that he never touched him. Later, he tells the two policemen what happened, but Blamont does not have the same version as him. It will be word against word.

Leaving his police station, Alain tells his partner why he was called. Elisabeth is convinced that her partner has run into a manipulator who will manage to ask for maximum damage. She advises Alain to call Guilhem, but he doesn’t want to be represented by his ex. She makes a last-minute date with Florent, but the latter is arrested in court. Claudine offers Alain to ensure his defense, especially since Florent is overwhelmed. Alain is embarrassed in front of Florent, but Florent later confirms that he is overwhelmed with files. Alain ends up accepting Claudine’s proposal, and this news does not please Elisabeth.

Summary and Spoilers Un Si Grand Soleil in advance until August 19, 2022

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