Oppo Watch Free: sporty but refined - Geeko

Oppo Watch Free: sporty but refined – Geeko

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Known for its smartphones, the Oppo brand is also investing heavily in wearables and, in particular, connected watches. Halfway between an activity tracker and a smartwatch, Watch Free is the perfect compromise between refined design and sporty use.

It is moving on the side of wearables. In recent months, manufacturers have been scrambling to offer innovative new models. While some rely on advanced features, others cut prices to reach a larger audience. This is the case of Oppo, which offers with its Watch Free one of the most affordable connected watch models on the market.

Technical sheet: Oppo Watch Free

Sold for just €99 in stores, Watch Free adopts an elongated design and is thus positioned as a hybrid model, halfway between a connected watch and an activity tracker. If it has the dimensions of a tracker, it retains a more stylish design and highlights more general features, and not just focused on activity tracking.

On the design side, Oppo manages to marry the best of both worlds with an elongated screen that allows it to display a lot of information while being less apparent than a classic watch, and on the other hand a premium finish with an imitation leather that gives it a very stylish look. watch out. Clearly, you won’t be embarrassed to wear it, even on social occasions. The Watch Free has an elegant design that allows it to adapt to all kinds of situations. Of course, it is not intended for expert athletes.

In use, the accessory is really very practical. We find all the functions that we have the right to find in a classic connected watch: sleep monitoring, activities, heart rate monitor, multimedia player, weather… In short, a great classic. The pairing is done through an application that is installed on your phone, in which the user can check their sleep and activity statistics, but also customize their watch by downloading new watchfaces. It’s easy to use, well done, though still quite limited, especially in the choice of screens.

So, of course, here we are dealing with a “simplified” model, running on its own operating system. You will not be able to install Android apps on this watch. So no Spotify or Runtastic. But all the basic features are there, and that has a big plus: battery life is good. Count from 10 to 15 days depending on your use.

The overall user experience is very convincing, even if we weren’t impressed at all. It is a basic model, pleasant to use on a daily basis, elegant and very practical. And that in the end it has very few flaws. It will be criticized for its proprietary charger, which is not at all practical, and the bracelet, which generally looks very cheap, unlike the metal case of the watch.

Comparator: Huawei Watch Fit 2 / Oppo Watch Free

Huawei watch fit 2 Free Oppo Watch


336×480 pixels
280×456 pixels






10 days 230mAh
14 days


Patented induction charger Patented magnetic charger

Operating system:

harmony 2.0 operating system RTOS

In the same segment, there are some similar models, mainly from Honor and Huawei. Oppo has the advantage of offering the cheapest model that potentially offers the best value for money.

the +:

  • An elegant design
  • comfortable to wear
  • Very nice OLED screen
  • A nice interface
  • The price (€99)

The – :

  • The proprietary charger
  • The bracelet a little cheap

So do we fall apart?

If you’re on a budget and looking for a smartwatch model that’s both stylish and sporty, the Watch Free is probably one of the best options on the market. At €99, Oppo’s watch offers excellent value for money. The design is elegant despite the elongated appearance. All the basic features are there. Watch Free is a great compromise between an activity tracker and a connected watch. Keep the best of both worlds. However, be careful, if the autonomy is solid, the functionalities are limited to the pre-installed applications. Considering the price, you’ll also have to deal with some minor flaws, hopefully not too embarrassing.

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