How Airbnb Plans To Stop You From Partying In Its Rentals

How Airbnb Plans To Stop You From Partying In Its Rentals

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This new algorithm has already been successfully tested in Australia. Adobe Stock / ink drop

The US version of the platform has just introduced an “anti-match” algorithm to detect suspicious bookings and block them.

The party is over at Airbnb. The rental platform between individuals has just released a new tool that should definitively put an end to the attempts of certain clients to transform homes into improvised party rooms. An algorithm has just been inaugurated in the United States that should make it possible to detect “at risk” profiles and block their reservation.

In 2020, the platform had already launched a global device that prohibited the organization of parties. First “temporary”, it became permanent this year. In France, users under 25 with fewer than three positive reviews risk having their booking canceled if it’s close to their place of residence, listings that had already been the subject of a complaint were removed, and hosts can now cancel reservations without penalty. in case of suspicion.

6000 clients banned in 2021

A limited occupancy capacity of 16 people has even been introduced in the context of the fight against the Covid-19 epidemic, but it will be lifted in the coming months. In 2021, more than 6,600 travelers paid the price for this policy: they simply had their account deleted for violating the rules. The platform, therefore, does not intend to stop there with the launch of its new “anti-party” technology in the United States and Canada.

Tested for the first time in Australia, this new algorithm allows Airbnb to analyze the data of the “client” user: their rating, the duration and even the occurrence of their reservations (if a user makes reservations mainly during the week or on weekends). Thanks to this information, Airbnb hopes to recognize and banish users who may deviate from the rule by hosting a party.

Since October 2021, the American unicorn explains that it has recorded a 35% drop in incidents related to unauthorized parties in the Australian “test areas”.

Not yet deployed in France

If this algorithm is deployed in North America, it is not currently planned to be launched in France or Europe. contacted by The Figarothe platform stated that “was continually developing and testing new technologies to strengthen its protections“all in”regularly checking all [ses] measures to effectively implement [sa] non-party politicsyes.”

Last June, Airbnb said in a press release that its party ban policy alone had reduced the number of party reports in France by almost 40%. In August 2021, he revealed that the reservations of more than 240,000 people had been blocked in France in a year.

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