Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, the secrets of their incredible marriage (exclusive photo)

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, the secrets of their incredible marriage (exclusive photo)

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After a quick bond in Las Vegas, the star couple threw a grand ceremony in Savannah.

In this region of Savannah, Georgia, we are not used to social gatherings. For twenty years, Ben came here to recharge his batteries, quiet, never disturbed by the inhabitants. He fell in love with this construction in the style of the old plantations, a little more than 7 million dollars and two buildings: “La Casa Grande”, which has three spacious suites and five bedrooms, and “La Casa de Huéspedes”, for guests .

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With large grounds, horseback riding, it all culminates near a river where Ben moors his boat. His three children grew up there with his mother, Jennifer Garner. The family was regularly seen coming to Vinnie Van Gogo’s cafe to devour cheap, giant pizzas with your choice of toppings, a feast for not even $10 a person. A dream of simplicity and invigorating greenery.

What’s next after this announcement?

But since the actor remarried Jennifer Lopez, his life in the country has been seriously disrupted. It is not that the glory is foreign to him, but… how to say it? He doesn’t run after media coverage. We had seen him in Paris, at the end of July, during his honeymoon with four of his children. Ben never forced himself to smile. Even, on several occasions, he showed a touch of boredom along with his beauty, he never tired of posing for the photographers, nor of playing the game of the couple kissing on public benches. We had the impression that he lent himself more to the selfies of his fans, who waited for him for hours at the entrance of the Crillon, than to the languid poses to seal the romance. She, on the other hand, piloted her “publicist” image. Fans are good; the big press is better. He changed four times a day: Vuitton, Hermès and above all Dolce & Gabbana, Alexander McQueen, Coach. And Versace, of which he is a muse. He has not forgotten the trip to Sephora, owned by the LVMH group.

The very happy photographers immortalized their active days: family brunch, barge, shopping, visit to the Musée d’Orsay, romantic dinners and even a fit of emotion with the actor in tears on the night of JLo’s birthday. , July 24 Why these tears? She must have made one of the shocking statements of which she has the secret, because she knows how to find the formula that kills her, her Instagram attests to it. Unless the beauty of the panorama from the Girafe restaurant, in front of the Eiffel Tower erected in the sky of Paris, has turned Batman upside down? An emotional under the manly shell of him. It’s from August 15. Two Lions. Two kings of the jungle. These days, the chosen one lets his lioness orchestrate the festivities.

What’s next after this announcement?

What’s next after this announcement?

High security for a wedding of 8 million euros

She dreamed so much about it! About 150 guests, all imperatively dressed in white. A huge marked trail, also white. White tents to permanently water and feed the selected guests as in a casting. Whether you’re a star or anonymous, you know how much a wedding party can strengthen useful bonds for the future. Here, JLo left no one behind: producers from across Hollywood, powerhouses, actors, actresses, podcasters, and top designers, all mixed in with loyal friends and family. There are all the children, their twins, the two daughters and Ben’s son (Samuel, who was not on the trip to Paris). They get along pretty well, wow. Actress Jennifer Garner, Ben’s ex, was invited; she would have come, no doubt, but she was delayed on a shoot in Mexico. No involvement: with her, relationships are at best. After a break in her career of about ten years to raise her children, after the difficulties of divorce due to Ben’s infidelities and his alcoholism, she began a new life with businessman John Miller. . A brave woman. A Protestant raised in an austere family, a perfect lady who doesn’t drink, doesn’t smoke… and who continued to accompany her ex until her last rehab. She declares herself delighted with this union with JLo. She must tell herself that with this other “powerful woman” Ben is in good hands.

We remember that Jennifer leaves nothing to chance: she had meticulously planned the agenda in Paris. She maintains her body like an athlete. Officially, she doesn’t drink either. “Well, very little,” she confided to “InStyle.” Just a sip if there is a party, you can’t drink it! Rigorous, perhaps; but when it comes to hedonistic pleasures, the latina is not psycho-rigid.

On February 8, 2022, screening of the foreboding film titled

On February 8, 2022, screening of the foreboding film titled “Marry Me”, in which she plays Jennifer Lopez.

© R. Fury/WireImage/SIPA

Instead, when it comes to work, she’s obsessed with control, the secret to her irresistible rise…and staying on top. Just for this “second ceremony” she organized everything, hour by hour. There was a “rehearsal dinner” on Friday, followed by the “general” on Saturday: with a Ralph Lauren dress for her and an ivory suit for him, the staging followed a precise sequence, with a long organdy train worn by the two boys, make-up touch-ups, study of angles with the photographers – he had authorized half a dozen – and exclusive resale of the photos to a single magazine, “Vogue”, the ultra-select fashion bible directed by Anna Wintour, also a VIP guest. Finally, on Sunday, at the giant barbecue, everyone relaxed a bit and beat the hangover. A beautiful party, nothing to say. Eight million euros, all the same. A good thing done.

Inevitably, in the Riceboro region, the police were on the alert. Guards watched every exit, from the surrounding fields to the river. Weeks earlier, Ben had to build giant gates at the foot of the 1.5-mile road that leads to the estate. A “no-fly zone” had been decreed for the entire weekend. No overflight. And security guards dotted around the four corners of the sprawling property. In short, media worthy of a planetary princess. On Saturday, however, Ben thought he could get away. Thanks to her mother: poor Christopher Anne Boldt badly injured her leg when she fell off a pier. Her son found her unconscious. Panic. Ambulance. Emergency transport to Savannah hospital. Obviously, the star’s mother did not have to queue for hours to be examined. It seems that the fall is not serious, or is it mom who minimized her inconvenience so as not to spoil the party? She left shortly after in a wheelchair. Jennifer López’s mother is doing very well, thank you: At 76, Guadalupe Rodríguez had a lot of fun!

Ben’s mom’s accident almost ruined everything.

Of course, when everything is going well, you need gossip to criticize. Imagine wokism-obsessed observers yelling an insult at America’s memory: seeing this Plantation-style building designed by architect James Strickland hosting a white party! And besides, what do we learn? That a distant ancestor of Ben Affleck (on his mother’s side), Benjamin Cole, Sheriff of Chatham County, owned several slaves! You should know that in the United States, getting married on a historic plantation was as commonplace as we get married at home in a castle in the Dordogne. But, as issues of racism loomed large in the debates, wedding planners were asked to change their decorations. The case is taking on such proportions that even Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds have apologized for their staged wedding on a South Carolina plantation in… 2012! “We later realized that the house had been built on top of a devastating tragedy,” said Bryan Reynolds.

Ben Affleck is not the type to let his toy go to waste. True, he sought to sell it for more than 8 million dollars in the years 2019-2020, but not having found a buyer, he withdrew it from the market. “This place is dear to my heart and will continue to be. “Unless with a party like this, promoted as “wedding of the year”, I can up the ante. Let’s not forget that with Jennifer they just bought a fabulous villa in Beverly Hills for… 60 million. Even in Hollywood, we do our math

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