The best and worst secrets of "Secret History"

The best and worst secrets of “Secret History”

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Just over 15 years ago, at the end of June 2007, secret story was released on TF1. This Friday, TFX reopens the album of memories of the eleven seasons of the reality show with a documentary, The secrets of a phenomenon.. We know that memory is selective. So instead of mentioning, say, the candidates barred for violence or talking about the season 9 finale that never aired because the live show was scheduled for November 13, 2015, the show focuses on the sequences more positive. The nostalgia revival machine running at full speed, 20 minutes again plunged into the lists of the most absurd, surprising or remarkable secrets…

“I am a vampire” and other unlikely secrets

Does the silly secret generator exist? Were the minds that validated certain titles sober? There are questions to ask. Take John-David’s elegant and respectful secret in season 2: “I have 780 conquests on my hunting board” Not 778, not 784 not: 780. I would have said 805 or 927, it would have been the same, no one could verify. We should have already agreed on the definition of “conquest”. In short, when there is a blur, there is a wolf and that is the goal, to make it clear that the young man was a “serial seducer”. Ditto for Amélie Netten in Season 4, who we were asked to believe was “a feminine Don Juan”: “I’m a 2000s Catherine II” would probably be the cream of the crop too if the show’s audience knew who Catherine II was. . However, these erotomaniac secrets would almost pass for facts along with a few well chosen ones. Like Fred’s, in season 1: “I’m in contact with aliens.” The truth was also elsewhere for Nicolás, two years later. He was “in communication with Dalida”. Interestingly, the singer seemed to save her “lyrical lyrics” during the show.

In Season 7, it was the animals that Florine talked to. The Saint-François d’Assises fan club was over the moon. The false secret confessed is half forgiven: “I am a vampire”, Alexandre assured on air in season 4. After his elimination, he admitted to being simply gothic. Confidence in entertainment tv “Just the taste of my own blood, if for example I bite my lip, it makes me sick. Very bad luck.

“I am a naturist” and other secrets to tell

“Don’t be fooled by appearances! was the motto of secret story. We understand that this recommendation prevails when it comes to finding out who is “police and stripper” or “Anglican priest” in season 1. But “I am a naturist”, “I am bisexual”, “I am a private detective” or “I am a naturist”. I’m an esports star’, sorry, it’s data we put on a CV or in our biography on a dating app. The palm goes to ex-Miss France Rachel Legrain Trapani whose secret was “I am Rachel Legrain Trapani” and whose first words in the House of Secrets were: “Good evening, Rachel.”

“We are the masters of the underground” and other collective secrets

Being a partner or fake partner was often secret enough to participate in secret story. Listing those who had to pretend to be in love or not would be too long. Common Secrets was a great production classic that had fun uniting male and female candidates in a trio or foursome. This is how “the chosen ones of the voice”, “the masters of the underground”, “the inhabitants of the Secret Box” remained, respectively in seasons 4, 5 and 6. A good way to monetize the secret rooms to which only the candidates in question had access. In season 1, it started off strong: triplets Johanna, Marjorie, and Cyrielle had to make believe they were the same person. While one of them was in the house of secrets, the other two remained hidden in a room behind the stage. The deception worked for weeks – so well that the other candidates thought she was a young woman a little cyclothymic around the edges – and the triplets won the first edition.

“I am the first pregnant man in the world” and other secrets related to trans identity

The best : secret story It made it possible to address the issue of transidentity with the general public at a time when the visibility of trans people on screens was minimal. The worst: The program did not avoid sensationalism and disrespectful writing. In the first season, Erwan, a 19-year-old transgender man, had a secret: “I have decided to change my sex.” Despite the disrespectful title, the young man was able to use his involvement to educate viewers. Morgane Enselme, who later wrote a highly critical book about her experience on the show, defended the “My father’s name is Brigitte” secret in Season 4. The American Thomas Beatie, was introduced in the tenth season as “the first pregnant man in the world”. The latter reached the final. He was one of the darlings of the public, moved by his story. There was no moral panic at that moment in the face of a Planned Parenthood cartel.

“I was a hostage of ‘Human Bomb'” and other chilling secrets

secret storyIt was a room, two environments. Candidates with the secret “I am a medium” or “I am a princess” could live with a living candidate “with a bullet in the head” -we saw it in the second season-. Every year people who have been victims of dramatic events or who have not been saved by life join the cast. In season 3, Bruno revealed that he was homeless and Maija that she had survived the 2004 tsunami in Thailand. In season six, Sergei had created excitement by recounting how he had been “switched at birth.” Among the featured secrets was that of Marion, in season 4, who was “the hostage of Human Bomb.” She was one of the children in the Neuilly kindergarten hostage taking in 1993. Very quickly uncomfortable in the program, she decided to leave after 48 hours, but this time, Nicolas Sarkozy was not at the exit.

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