Paid parking in Paris: motorized two-wheelers go to the box with pain

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published on Tuesday, August 30, 2022 at 7:28 p.m.

September 1 is going badly for drivers of thermal two-wheelers: from Thursday they will have to pay to park their vehicle in Paris; a measure that “responds to climate and public health issues” according to the city.

“It’s a disaster,” Sébastien Mazelier, an agent in the field of security who travels by scooter to his various intervention sites, protests to AFP. “We ask, security companies are not allowed to have professional parking lots. We work shifts between 8 and 12 hours, at 3 euros per hour for parking, it will cost us an average of 500 euros per month”.

As of Thursday, thermal two-wheeled vehicles (2WD) will be required to pay for their parking in the marked places, while electric two-wheeled vehicles will be free. Parisian residents can benefit from a preferential rate (applicable in their area of ​​residence) and professional passes are assigned. It is necessary to register on an online platform.

Two months after the establishment of this registration service, approximately 10,250 requests have been fulfilled. “The number of residential parking spaces granted is 6,080, the number of professional rights is 2,419 and it is 1,667 for electric PTWs and 80 for PTWs for the disabled,” David Belliard, the assistant (EELV), detailed on Tuesday morning with AFP. for mobility and transformation. public space, aware of the unpopularity of the measure, applied after years of debate.

“It is a controversial measure, many people are not happy. But there are also many people who are waiting for this measure. We are in an exemption regime for machines that occupy space in public space, that make noise, and that pollute,” defends David Belliard, who wants to transform “the way we move around the city.”

“The vast majority of people who come to work today do so by public transport. It is estimated that 100,000 scooters and motorcycles pass through Paris. We want to promote migration towards other forms of mobility”, highlights the deputy mayor.

-“It’s a theft”-

In the heart of Paris, in the 3rd arrondissement, Yoni Lugassy manages a franchise of a major brand of thermal 2x4s that opened in 2010 and sells an average of 600 two-wheelers a year. Since the beginning of the year, he has seen his sales fall by 20%, he explains to AFP.

“There are many people who disassociate themselves from 2 wheels. Already with teleworking they use the scooter less and the payment parking measure has slowed them down even more. Some want electric scooters,” says the merchant, who opened another store dedicated exclusively to electric two-wheelers four years ago.

“Today it is a success! People buy, not to pollute less, but to avoid paying for parking. Last week we sold around sixty two-wheeled electric vehicles,” he says.

Intermittent worker in Paris but living 45 km from the capital, Romain Lagrost would have liked to buy an electric motorcycle but “he can’t afford it”. “I bought my new motorcycle for 8,000 euros, a new electric one costs 20,000 euros”, regrets this resident of Ile-de-France, who does not refuse to pay for parking but “not at these prices”.

“It is half of what it costs to park a car and we put four motorcycles in a parking lot. That’s theft!” she says.

In the center of the capital, parking costs 3 euros per hour compared to 2 euros in the outer districts. For residents, the annual card is worth 22.50 euros per year, plus 0.75 euros per day for parking.

Given these measures, the Federation of Angry Bikers (FFMC) announces that it will continue with its “resistance”. “We are still against paid parking, we will continue to mobilize,” its delegate in Ile-de-France, Jean-Marc Belotti, whose office must decide on the actions to be taken, told AFP.

“This measure is essential. It’s painful, I get it, but I think it’s really fair, it responds to climate and public health issues. No one will back down,” warns David Belliard.

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