A free VPN, a good idea?

A free VPN, a good idea?

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VPNs are becoming more and more popular and you have a lot of choice among VPN providers in Belgium. It is also tempting to go through one of the many free VPNs that are appearing on the market. But is it really a good idea when it comes to protecting sensitive data like your personal information?

What is a VPN?

A VPN is a computing device that allows you browse the internet safely. Your personal information passes through a secure and encrypted channel and is therefore undetectable to hackers, hackers or even your access provider. A VPN also guarantees your anonymity on the web in hide your IP address and geolocation anywhere in the world. You can bypass geo-restrictions and access exclusive content.

What are the limitations and dangers of free VPNs?

VPNs can be classified into two broad categories. the paid vpn that work with subscriptions and free vpn. The free VPN offer is plentiful on the net and quite attractive. Without spending a euro, you protect your personal data, access the entire Netflix catalog and enjoy the multiple advantages and functionalities that come with using a VPN. Really? Just a few weeks ago, a Chinese VPN (Airplane Accelerates) leaked billions of user data. User IDs, IP addresses, domain names, connection history – all of this information suddenly found itself available on the network and thus accessible to malicious individuals. Are you a fan of foreign TV series or sports competitions? Free VPN sirens are tempting. But are a few hours of entertainment really worth your safety?

Free VPNs can host malicious proxy servers and infect your computer or mobile device. This then becomes the source of activities of cybercrime without your knowledge You enter a network without even knowing it. Some free VPNs available on the net automatically subscribe you to a proxy service network. Your IP address can be used at will by other members of the network. It is completely terrifying. The very principle of a VPN is to protect your connection, not to give anyone access to your IP address. Imagine for a moment that the person using your IP address is involved in illegal Internet activities ranging from cloaking to computer fraud? You don’t want to dabble in shady business and it’s the same for your IP address.

The other point of watch to keep in mind with free VPNs concerns their business model. Because nothing is free and if it is free, the product is you. Free VPNs can resell your personal data or your browsing information to the highest bidders. This is not the case with paid VPNs and their no-logging policy. NordVPN, Cyberghost, and the like don’t track your online activity, so they wouldn’t be able to provide any information about you, even if asked. Free VPNs are also slower and have far fewer servers than paid VPNs. Browsing the internet extremely slowly is already a little hell, but what’s the use of using a VPN if you can’t even connect to the server of the country you’re interested in?

The price of a paid VPN subscription is ridiculously low. Between €2 and €5 per month. However, these few euros invested can make a big difference both in your comfort of use and in the optimal security of your data.

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How to choose the right paid VPN?

To choose the right VPN, pay attention to a few criteria. Is the VPN compatible with the operating system you are using (Windows, macOS, IOS, Android)? How many servers do you have and where are they located? Is the bandwidth strong enough? Will the speed of your Internet connection be affected? What is the encryption protocol used? The longer the encryption key, the better your data is protected. Finally, consider the price. Depending on the chosen subscription (duration, options), the amounts differ. At the moment, the NordVPN subscription has an unbeatable price (-63%) and offers complete protection. We can only encourage you to trust the market leader.

→ I install NordVPN and get a 63% discount on the 2-year subscription

→ I download Surfshark and take advantage of the 24-month subscription at €2.49

→ I subscribe to Cyberghost and benefit from 3 years at €2.11 per month

→ I subscribe to PureVPN and get an 82% discount on the 27-month plan and use the exclusive code Pure10 to get an additional 10% discount

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