Three new cases of monkeypox in one week

Three new cases of monkeypox in one week

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A total of 53 patients with the virus have been identified in Luxembourg. And 384 people have been vaccinated since August 16.


A total of 53 patients with the virus have been identified in Luxembourg. And 384 people have been vaccinated since August 16.

The monkeypox epidemic continues to progress. This week the milestone of 50,000 cases was exceeded, the WHO announced. The increase in cases mainly affects North America and Europe.

Dr. Thérèse Staub, Head of the Department of Infectious Diseases.  08/22/22 Luxembourg

How do I get tested for monkeypox? Who should get vaccinated? Are there any side effects? Dr. Thérèse Staub answers our questions.

In the old continent there were 22,363 cases in 43 countries as of August 30. An increase of 1,265 cases from last week

And Luxembourg? The number of cases continues to rise week by week. Health’s latest weekly update on monkeypox reports on Friday that three new cases have been listed in a week. The total number of people affected by the virus now stands at 53 cases in Luxembourg.

three hospitalizations

So far, all the cases detected are men. His average age is 37 years. Three cases were hospitalized for a short time and have been discharged from the hospital in the meantime. The rest of the epidemiological and clinical characteristics of the cases detected in Luxembourg are very similar to the cases reported at the European level, reports Health.

From August 16, people at risk can be vaccinated against the virus at the National Service for Infectious Diseases. As of August 30, 384 people had been vaccinated: 381 people received a first injection and 3 people a second dose.

Adaptation of the vaccination schedule

The initial vaccination schedule has been adapted. “The recommendation of the Superior Council of Infectious Diseases of August 24, 2022 provides for the administration of a single dose to people who have received a previous vaccination against smallpox with a live 1st or 2nd generation vaccine (people born before 1977 or with scar). typical vaccination in the arm) ”, explains Salud. “In these cases, therefore, only one dose will be administered in the future. Patients who do not fall into this category will continue to receive two doses of the vaccine.

Remember that infected people must be isolated and avoid all contact with other people, cover injuries and pimples and take care of their hand hygiene. Among the protection measures, it is advisable to reduce the number of sexual partners and not share personal effects with infected people or those who have been in contact with infected people (bedding, towels, razors, etc.).

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