Test: JBL Quantum TWS - JBL launches its wireless gaming headphones - PXLBBQ

Test: JBL Quantum TWS – JBL launches its wireless gaming headphones – PXLBBQ

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as far as i know, the JBL brand makes quality audio equipment for almost every use. Here we had the opportunity to try Quantum TWS Wireless Earbuds intended for gaming, which implies, as you can imagine, very specific characteristics.

JBL Quantum TWS earphones are feature rich that are detailed in the manual. I admit that this last one, while colorful, is a bit daunting to read. Fortunately, device pairing is a breeze as it is automatic. To connect your device to a game console (very often sealed to third-party Bluetooth devices), simply connect USB-C Wireless Adapter present in the cargo box. This also partly explains the size of the cargo box compared to music-only models like the TuneFlex.

Like many wireless headphones, commands are performed by tapping the headphones a certain number of times . Eventually, I seriously start to confuse the controls between my headphones. Each headphone has a touch button above the JBL symbol.

A simple tap on the left earcup changes ambient sound controls. A double press activates the functions of conversation. Repeatedly press the right earbud to play/skip, skip or play the music you are listening to. Although it sounds easy enough, in practice, it takes a bit of time to memorize the different commands. Needless to say, he is forced to activate these controls while trying to readjust the earphones over the hours, but with a bit of practice this no longer happens.

But what are they worth in terms of sound? Spoiler: they are excellent. when the function ACN is on, the sound is rich and full, reaching the top of the basket of headphones I’ve had in my ears so far. The sound is clear and crisp, the bass is deep. Listening to music on the smartphone in transport is very pleasant. In the game it’s the same: with deep bass and rich sound, not to mention the complete absence of latency (these are wireless headphones), it’s really nice.

we just mentioned Noise Cancellation. I put on a podcast (yes, I listen to podcasts) while my daughters reported on their day at school. With Talk Thru enabled, I was able to follow the conversation and participate with my background program. With the Ambient Aware feature, I could hear them but had to strain to understand them. But with ACN, I knew they were talking but I barely heard them. (and they speak loudly!). so much to tell you that ACN is extremely effective ! Enough to comfortably isolate yourself with your Switch or mobile in a noisy environment and still enjoy excellent immersion.

The JBL Headphones App on mobile provides some very useful tools to ensure the best possible listening experience. the tool check lets you know if the earphones are tight or wrong in your ears, while ear canal test, which analyzes the inside of my ear with sound, adjusts the noise cancellation function. Finally, the voice assistant settings allows you to configure your voice assistant (Siri, Google, Alexa, etc.). The app then displays a variety of details and options to adjust various settings, control sound, check battery life, switch to gaming mode, and more. The JBL Headphones app is one of the few that is really useful and practical without being essential for every use.

First headphones of the range that I try, JBL Quantum TWS earphones are very high quality. The sounds are amazing and the features are as numerous as they are useful. Dear to my heart, the noise cancellation is very effective., a real opportunity for someone like me who has 3 small children and who needs a little concentration. They automatically connect right out of the box with any device, via Bluetooth or the USB-C dongle. A USB-C to USB-A adapter can be purchased separately and it is true that it could have been included directly.

From what I have been able to verify, battery life is about 8 hours, to which we must add the additional 16 hours of the charging case, perfect for gaming sessions on the go on mobile, Switch or simply listening to your favorite podcasts on the go. We fall at 4 o’clock in pure conversation and 5 hours with noise reduction activated. With a total recharge time of 2 hours +

And once completely emptied, it’s very satisfying.

JBL Quantum TWS


Options and ease of use


They are certainly not very cheap, showing €149.99but if you are looking for a very good wireless headset, as good for gaming as it is for listening to music, with good autonomy, excellent noise reduction and a lot of options to further improve the experience, they are worth the cost.

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