10 secrets to get glowing skin like Hailey Bieber

10 secrets to get glowing skin like Hailey Bieber

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We all dream of a radiant and luminous complexion like it’s a girl Hailey Bieber, who recently launched her own cosmetics brand, Rhode Skin.

Achieving a smooth grain and natural shine requires patience, perseverance and punctuality.

With the help of a few basic products and some simple practical tips, anyone can do it.

Here are 10 tips for beautiful, healthy skin:

1. Various cleaning options

According to several specialists, the ideal is the pairing of two products. For example, after cleansing milk or gel, it is advisable to apply a micellar or tonic lotion to cleanse our skin of all impurities. Every morning, cleansing will effectively remove dead skin cells, sweat and sebum produced overnight. At night, it will rid the skin of makeup and bacteria. A gesture not to forget under any circumstances.

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2. A cream according to your skin type

Before blending, you have to know what you need most. Each skin is treated differently according to its problems. Once this is determined, you should know that hydration is still the basis of a good beauty routine. Your skin will be pulped and protected from external aggressions. To apply day and night on a super clean face.

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3. A good serum

The serum has been proven to optimize the hydration of your care. Often a simple solution for healthy, glowing skin, use on a clean face and under moisturizer. A concentrate of active ingredients that penetrates deep into the epidermis, the serum provides luminosity, firmness and smoothness to the face.

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4. Never without sunscreen

Both in summer and winter, sun cream is essential to protect our face from UV rays that dry and damage it. Throughout the year, it will help you counteract the harmful and undesirable effects of the sun. It’s a good idea to choose a non-greasy, non-comedogenic formula that won’t suffocate your skin.

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5. A refreshing mist at your fingertips

During the day, or to perfect makeup, a mist or a stream of thermal water will wake up your complexion. This too often forgotten product is enriched with a multitude of beneficial ingredients and can perform several key functions, whether it is moisturizing, soothing, rejuvenating or purifying.

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6. Exfoliation for all skin types

Undoubtedly a key step when you want a clear and luminous complexion. Exfoliation loosens dirt and dead skin that clogs pores and makes it hard for lightening creams to penetrate. We just have to find the right product for our skin type and avoid exfoliating our face too often, which could develop irritation and compensate by producing more oil.

7. The importance of the mask

The exfoliation prepares the ground for the mask that will act in depth. A good exfoliation will open the pores and enhance the beneficial effects of the mask that will help unify, treat or lighten the skin.

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8. A balanced lifestyle

Diet and sleep are directly related to the quality of skin texture. In addition to getting enough sleep, it is strongly recommended to consume oily fish, fruits, green vegetables, water-saturated foods such as watermelon and cucumber, and to prefer vegetable oils composed of essential fatty acids. Not surprisingly, it is important to drink at least two liters of water a day.

9. Choose your makeup well

By mixing a drop of liquid highlighter with your day cream or sunscreen, you’ll get a beautiful luminosity all over your face. If you’re wearing foundation, opt for a sheer formula. Avoid powder and too thick texture.

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10. Some essential tools

Jade rollers, quartz, Gua Sha… Facial massage tools are gaining popularity. They are said to have the ability to smooth wrinkles, define facial contours, firm skin, activate blood circulation and promote tissue drainage for an impressive healthy glow effect. With so many qualities, why do without them?

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Your routine now complete, you will have to wait between fifteen days and two months to see the optimal effect of your healthy complexion and sparkly!

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