Elizabeth II: These treats are an incredible value on Amazon

Elizabeth II: These treats are an incredible value on Amazon

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The Queen of England passed away on Thursday, September 8, 2022. A news that hit Buckingham Palace, and shocked the entire planet. Tributes, words of support, condolences, messages on social networks… Anonymous and celebrities from all over the world have been sharing their sadness on many platforms since last night. Charles III, the eldest son of the late queen of England, is officially king and will be crowned in the coming months. On his part, Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton inherit a new title.

Do you want to be unbeatable on the Queen Elizabeth II course? Discover our selection of the best books to remember the incredible reign of the Queen of England.

An event as sad as it is sudden, which does not cease to attract lovers of the royal family. London…and about Amazon. At the moment, the objects, books and articles with the image of the Majesty of her for sale on the American platform are close to being sold out. Inevitably, prices will continue to rise. So, before she can no longer get the most beautiful (and iconic) memorabilia from the Queen of England, she zeroes in on the must-haves to get without further delay.

Gift idea: the Funko Pop! Elizabeth II

On the collectibles side, figurines feature prominently on the podium. in particular the funkopop!, these little resin characters no bigger than the palm of a hand, recognizable by their oversized head and large black eyes. Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Harry Potter, Marvel, Guns’N’Roses… celebrities and pop culture characters have their own figure. This is the case of the Queen of England… and hers, with a green dress, is rising in price. Consider getting one before it’s gone.

FUNKO Pop!  Royals: Queen Elizabeth II

FUNKO Pop! Royals: Queen Elizabeth II


105 euros

Death of Elizabeth II: the decorative (and magical) figurine

Much more classic, the figurine Kicker Land of the Queen of England has everything to please lovers of the royal family. Much more like the real thing, it stands out with its integrated solar panel that activates the queen’s hand when she comes into contact with light. Supplied in a PET box, this product is a hit on Amazon: no less than 1,101 ratings so far. What if it became your little office decorative object?

Elizabeth II Solar Figurine

Elizabeth II Solar Figurine

Kicker Land


Queen of England: the figure of the desk

For the office (or the back of your car), we recommend going for the Puckator figure Elizabeth II articulated and dancing. With a height of no more than 10 centimeters, this small plastic toy is also activated when it comes into contact with the sun. Place it by a window so the late queen can greet you throughout the day (at least, whenever the weather is nice). Good to know: It’s among the best sellers on Amazon right now.

The Dancing Queen Solar Flower Figure 6.5 x 6 x 10 cm

The Dancing Queen Solar Flower Figure 6.5 x 6 x 10 cm



Goodies Queen of England: the Funko Pop! ultra rare queen and dog

The Funko Pop! It is the guarantee of having in your hands a beautiful, colorful and original quality collectible figure. If Funkos depicting members of the royal family are piling up like hotcakes, it’s nothing compared to the monstrous success of the funkopop! Queen Elizabeth II Royal Family. This product contains not one, but two figures: the Queen of England and her little dog. To get this product as cute as possible, you will have to act fast: on Amazon, the best offer of the moment is already priced at 120 euros used, and no less than 142 euros new.

Funko 21947 Royal Family Queen Elizabeth II Pop Figure

Funko 21947 Royal Family Queen Elizabeth II Pop Figure


from 120 euros

Queen of England Costume: The Royal Crown to Display (or Wear)

It is hard to imagine the Queen of England without her crown. Inevitably, no online platform will offer you the royal crown and tiaras worn by Queen Elizabeth II during her 70-year reign for sale… but they can offer you inspirational models. we fell in love with the silver tiara with rhinestones and comb, easy to fix on the head. Suitable for a wedding, a birthday party, an engagement, a graduation party… and of course, Halloween.

Crown, Tiara with Strass and Comb

Crown, Tiara with Strass and Comb



Book about Elizabeth II: the current bestseller on Amazon

Documentaries, novels, biographies, investigations… and even fanfiction! Literary texts inspired by the late Queen of England, there are hundreds. But it is on Amazon where you will find the best books to offer yourself, or to give to a loved one on a birthday, or even at New Year’s celebrations. We are thinking here of the book. Elizabeth II (Platinum Jubilee Edition) by Jean Des Cars, journalist and specialist in the royal family. A best-seller and best-seller in the e-commerce giant right now.

Elizabeth II (Platinum Jubilee Edition) Paperback – Journal, March 10, 2022

Elizabeth II (Platinum Jubilee Edition) Paperback – Journal, March 10, 2022

By Jean DesCars

22 euros

Kitsch mug: the essential jubilee mug

Admit it: you necessarily have, at home, a cup of tea or coffee that is as kitsch as possible. It’s also an essential souvenir that tourists love to bring back from London, especially when these products are printed with a photo of Queen Elizabeth II or another member of the British royal family. heart for him ceramic coffee mug with inscription “Queen Elizabeth II” and “Jubilee”. Something to make your colleagues at the office smile in these sad times.

Ceramic coffee mug with the inscription 'Queen Elizabeth II' and 'Jubilee'

Ceramic coffee mug with the inscription ‘Queen Elizabeth II’ and ‘Jubilee’


13 euros

Clothing Elizabeth II Queen of England: the rock’n’roll t-shirt

Fan of original fashion? You are sure to fall in love with a rock and roll t-shirt right now. But not just anyone. At Amazon, the Queen Elizabeth II t-shirt with Union Jack sunglasses is a top seller. With a V-neck, it is available for purchase in no less than 10 colors, from S to XXL. Machine wash cold with like colors, then tumble dry low recommended.

Queen Elizabeth II British Meme Sunglasses Womens V-Neck T-Shirt

Queen Elizabeth II British Meme Sunglasses Womens V-Neck T-Shirt



Precious book Queen Elizabeth II: the photo album you should not miss

Finally, collectors will be delighted to learn that the beautiful book Your Majesty. A photographic history from 1926 to the present (Hardcover – Illustrated, October 12, 2020) is still available on Amazon. Signed Christopher Warwick, this beautiful work brings together shots from such luminaries as Cecil Beaton, Studio Lisa, Dorothy Wilding, Karsh, Lord Snowdon, David Bailey, Patrick Lichfield, Wolfgang Tillmans, Rankin, and Annie Leibovitz. A way to see the Queen of England, one of the most photographed women in the world, as you have never seen her before.

Your Majesty.  A Photographic History 1926-Today Hardcover – Illustrated, 12 Oct. 2020

Your Majesty. A Photographic History 1926-Today Hardcover – Illustrated, 12 Oct. 2020

By Christopher Warwick

50 euros

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