Supermarkets: Lidl, Carrefour, Leclerc… all the promotional offers unveiled until the end of 2022

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Since the beginning of this year, times are tough. It seems that the more time passes, the more inflation continues to grow. Thus, everything seems to become much more expensive. Inflation has already exceeded 7% according to INSEE Recently. Therefore, the cost of living has increased and so has food. That is why many supermarkets want to help consumers by offering them many offers and promotions. In addition, there are still many standing, and this, until the end of the year. We will explain everything here.

Inflation and supermarkets

It turns out that since the beginning of the year, more precisely the end of January, things have changed a lot. It is not just a region or a country, but the whole world. Already, climate influenced by global warming very low harvests. This is what is to blame for the shortage of mustard in supermarkets.

But if a country tends to have fewer crops, it can count on other countries to trade with. But since the end of January, global relations it got very complicated in the east notably. This is how Europe is deprived of its “barn” that usually provides many basic ingredients such as wheat for example. Thus, all the increasingly scarce products in supermarkets, the price of these increases. It’s about supply and demand.

Supermarkets move

but supermarkets, however, are well aware of the difficulty of the French to pay for their purchases. So many mobilized to be able to lower their prices or even stabilize them. And many grants remain in force until the end of the year. Here are which ones.

October: Lidl and discounts

That is until October that the Lidl supermarket decides to expand its operation”The boost is worth the cost” which began in mid-May. This offer works if you have the Lidl Plus app. It allows all those who have it to receive a 5% discount voucher usable in all races, and this, with a minimum purchase of 50 euros.

It’s quite simple, you just need to download the supermarket application called Lidl More. Then the coupon appears only on the first day of the month. It is renewed every month on the same date. All you have to do is present it at the checkout.

November 30: Crossroads

Since the end of August, the Carrefour supermarket has launched aid that thus extended until the end of November. In fact, the offer consists of block the price of 100 products considered essential. This includes food, but also hygiene or even maintenance. The offer is valid at Carrefour, but also on the web.

You can therefore find the full list of the products in question on the supermarket’s website. In this way, these 100 essential products their prices will not be increased until the end date of the offer.

Leclerc supermarket until December

Leclerc supermarkets also think about their consumers. In fact, it’s up to December 4th that he “shield anti-inflation” will continue to apply to more than 230 products. There are also basic necessities, food, hygiene, baby diapers… The offer is valid in all the brand’s supermarkets, but also for collections. The offer is made automatically when purchasing one of the products on the list, also available on the brand’s website.

End of the year for Casino

Casino supermarkets offer a fixed price in 50 productuntil the last day of the year. But also, an offer of 30 products at 30 euros for Géant hypermarkets. Therefore, if prices increase, will be reimbursed during payment.

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