The 10 craziest sexual anecdotes about historical figures |  mole

The 10 craziest sexual anecdotes about historical figures | mole

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I know you like history, and ass. Therefore, you necessarily like ass historical anecdotes. Here are some cool ones for your enjoyment. However, keep in mind that some may have been a bit twisted over time, but behind these kinds of stories there is always some truth. And always a piece of ass.

1. Ernest Hemingway reportedly reassured Francis Scott Fitzgerald about the size of his penis

The two writers were friends for a time until they parted ways, and their friendship would have taken a rather intimate turn one day when they were in a cafe. That day, Francis reportedly told Ernest that his wife did not care what size her last was. Ernest, being a good friend, would have taken him to the bathroom to observe the beast before reassuring Francis that his penis was a perfectly normal size. The friendship between men is beautiful.

2. French President Félix Faure died from oral sex

On February 17, 1899, the death of Félix Faure marked the mood for two reasons. First, he was the only president of the Republic to die in the Elysee. Second, he died after a date with his mistress Marguerite Steinheil. Seeing that Felix was choking after she performed oral sex on him, Marguerite reportedly panicked and left the room without putting her corset back on. The president is said to have died shortly afterward from what is believed to have been a stroke or cardiac arrest brought on by the candy. At the time, journalists were amused by calling Marguerite Steinheil the “undertaker”, and it probably remains one of the best puns for journalists to this day.

3. For Victor Hugo’s funeral, the prostitutes worked for free

Victor Hugo was a very regular customer of Parisian brothels and had a lot of respect for prostitutes. Within The MiserablesFor example, with Fantine, it was the first time that we had a prostitute character with positive moral values, and that, the sex workers really appreciated. So when Hugo died, a good number of them went to the funeral and spent the rest of the day working without charging clients. The nice gesture.

4. Queen Victoria loved sex (a lot)

Well, someone who likes ass, it’s pretty common you’ll tell me, but during Victorian England, the rave was more about Puritan values. Thus a queen of the time who does not hide adoring sleeping with her husband, and that she writes in her diary a few days after getting married “we don’t sleep much”, it’s a bit off. It even seems like we could hear them fucking through the walls, but I couldn’t find any direct witnesses to confirm it, and then it happens in every hotel so it’s not crazy either.

5. Benjamin Franklin liked to undress in front of his open window.

But don’t think the guy was a great exhib. No, he was doing this for hygienic reasons. At that time, everyone believed that you catch a cold by getting a cold (which is not true), but good old Ben did not believe in this theory. He rightly told himself that colds were caught by germs that accumulated in poorly ventilated spaces. Suddenly, he took air baths by sitting in front of his open windows and, while he could, he undressed thinking that it was even better for his health. It’s still a small exhibit, you have to admit.

6. Edgar Allan Poe married his 13-year-old cousin when he was 26.

We talked about it in the top of the bastard writers: at the age of 26, Edgar Allan Poe married his first cousin, Virginia Clemm, who was half his age. The worst thing is that before marrying her, Edgar used her cousin as a messenger to convey words of love to one of her neighbors. He’s not really a nice guy, this guy.

7. Nero castrated a female slave who resembled his late wife to use as his wife

Yes, it’s horrible, but the story is even more horrible than that. We take it from the beginning: after kicking his wife Poppea to death (yes), Nero set his sights on Sporus, a slave said to have resembled Poppea. He had her castrated and then married her. In public, he introduced Sporus as his wife, and people played along by calling Sporus “lady” or “empress”.

It has not finished.

After Nero’s death, Sporus was handed over to a high official named Nymphidius Sabinus, who treated him like his wife and called him… Poppaea. So Sabinus died trying to become emperor.

It’s not over yet.

Sporus was then taken by Emperor Otho, who had been married to… Poppaea, before she left him and went into Nero’s arms. But soon enough, Otho is killed.

It’s almost done, but not quite yet.

After Otto’s death, the new emperor, Vitellius, had decided to use Sporus to play the leading role in kidnapping Prosperine (an episode from mythology) in a stadium before a gladiatorial fight. To avoid this humiliation, Sporus decided to commit suicide. He wasn’t even 20 years old. Now, when you think of someone who has had bad luck in life, you might think of Sporus.

8. Alexander the Great had a eunuch lover

Alexander the Great’s bisexuality is no secret, and there was nothing shocking about it, even in his day. But what is less said is that the Macedonian king had a love affair with Bagoas, a Persian eunuch who was the lover of the king of Persia, Darius III. Alexander had “won” Bagoas after defeating Darius III in battle. Because yes, at the time, we could give people gifts. Don’t try to do it today, it’s forbidden and morally questionable.

9. Guy de Maupassant had smallpox and passed it on to others

A great lover of brothels, Maupassant inevitably ended up contracting syphilis, a very unpleasant and quite common STI at the time. But instead of being careful not to pass it on to his partners, the writer kept going to brothels, which amused him too much considering what he wrote in a letter to a friend: “I fuck street whores, street whores and after having fucked them I tell them “I have smallpox”. » If you ask me, Maupassant didn’t seem like a very charitable person.

10. Catherine II of Russia is said to have had fatal sex with a horse.

Good, vous vous en doutez, l’impératrice n’a très probablement jamais eu de relation sexuelle avec un pauvre cheval, mais il already quand même énormément de rumeurs sur les penchants sexuels de Catoche, although qu’on commence à poser questions . It is said that she was a nymphomaniac, that she had a friend with whom her suitors had to go to bed first to validate them or not, or that she had a secret room dedicated to sex in which the legs of the table were shaped like cocks, with vulvas. carved on the wooden furniture. We certainly wanted to pass Catoche off as what she wasn’t, just to discredit her, but people’s imaginations are just as fascinating. I personally think she liked the ass, and she was right.

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